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Fit Tips

Fit Tips 

Put THE LITTLE BRA® on. Lean over to allow your breasts to fall naturally into the bra cups.

While leaning over, take your left hand to hold the bra, where the back wing meets the underwire. Now, use your right hand to scoop your "little goods" to the center of THE LITTLE BRA®. Repeat step with the right cup.

Adjust shoulder straps - tight enough to keep your breasts in place and supported, but not so tight that there is pressure on your shoulders. You should be able to put two fingers underneath the strap.

You've got clevage! Wear your favorite fashions with a bra from THE LITTLE BRA COMPANY®.



Are you Wide-Set or Narrow-Set?

Not all bra sizes are made equal! You may be a true 34A but that doesn't mean every 34A bra will fit perfectly. Bra fitting is an art and in addition to sizes, there are different breast shapes that can affect the way different bra styles look on you. At The Little Bra Company®, we categorize our bras into two different styles: wider-set and closer-set. If your breasts are closer together and less than three fingers apart, you would be considered closer-set in our bras. If your breasts gravitate closer to your sides and three fingers or more separates them from each other, you would look best in our wider-set styles. Please read below to see which bras we recommend for a better fit!

Fit Tips

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