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The Little Bra Company® bras are different because we design our bras especially for petite and smaller-framed women. Our scale is based on a petite body type, so our proportion is based on a smaller figure. Just like a petite pant fits a petite woman better, TLBC's bras fit the same way. (Note: The petite customer in the intimate apparel world is not necessarily just 5'4" and under. We have taller customers who happen to have a smaller rib cage and/or bust frame who fit our smaller bras better as well.)
Aside from just the fit, we are providing the petite woman with a complete bra wardrobe that she never had before. Now, she has options--everything from a fashionable lace push-up bra, to a lightly lined t-shirt bra. Throw in a great fitting strapless bra and a flattering sports bra, and you will have everything you need in a lingerie drawer. We learned over the years that even in this petite size range that there are different body types. Therefore, now we also offer the petite customer the option of a wider-set or closer-set bra.

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