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About The Founder

Southern California native Emily Lau has combined her love of lingerie and need for cleavage to create THE LITTLE BRA COMPANY®—a brand that celebrates the fact that "good things do come in small packages ®".

Years of shopping in department stores and sexy lingerie catalogs left Emily supremely frustrated, as she discovered that the bras that fit well looked like training bras and the sexy styles never fit quite right. She was not alone. Many of her petite girlfriends shared her lament and longed for a little help to fill out the latest fashions.

Emily’s desire to make the most of her assets (without silicon or saline) prompted her to make the perfect little bra…with a BIG push.

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An Inside Look


Why did you start The Little Bra Company®?

I was a late-bloomer, but ever since I could wear a bra I became obsessed with finding a bra that gave me extra oomph. I bought bras even if they didn’t fit me, just because I thought they were pretty or had a lot of padding (to fill in what I lacked). Of course, I spent years looking ridiculous wearing ill-fitting bras. That is, until a couple of years ago when I started working with some experts to design the perfect-fitting bra for my petite body type. After testing the product out on my petite friends, I launched The Little Bra Company® in May 2007. I wanted to create TLBC to give women like me intimate apparel that not only fit their bodies better, but also made them feel feminine and sexy. Just because a woman is an A or B-cup, it doesn’t mean she can’t have cleavage or feel like a woman.

How does The Little Bra Company® bra fit?

“The Little Bra” refers to both the fit and bust size. TLBC specializes in hard-to-find smaller band and cup sizes including 28-38A, 28-36B, and 28-34C cups, TLBC’s bras are designed and cut on a petite scale to fit the smaller figure better. Just like a petite pant fits a petite woman’s body better, TLBC’s bras fit the same way. Although there are other push-up bras on the market, TLBC bras are designed to fit a smaller body type giving her a better fitting and more natural-looking curve.

Who is The Little Bra Company® customer?

TLBC’s target customer is a woman who may be “little” up top, but still wants a bra that gives her lift and makes her feel feminine. Since Oprah’s recent bra interventions, I think women of all sizes are looking for a better-fitting bra. There’s more out there for plus-size and full-figured women now, but very little for petite women. Therefore, I want to give smaller-proportioned women a bra that not only fits them better, but is also more fashionable and attractive. It’s time that petite women got intimate apparel that not only boosts their cleavage, but also their self confidence. When I get to personally fit my customers, it’s always so exciting to see their reactions. I get hugs and high-fives from women who thought they could never have cleavage. They tell me that they have never had a bra that fit the way a TLBC bra fits and they love them because it makes them feel pretty!

Can an A-cup actually get cleavage with The Little Bra Company® ?

I find that smaller-breasted women often resign to wearing camisole bras or nothing at all. When I fit some A-customers, they tell me they didn’t even know that they could wear a lacy bra. They’d rather not bring attention to what they didn’t have, they say. Nor did they think they could even wear a padded bra. They just assumed that they have nothing to push up, so why try. Since my bras are fitted for their specific body-type, the padding does its job them a comfortable fit and a bit of cleavage too!

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