petite bras made especially for petites

Wire-free and Worry-free

We’ve got a Little Bra just for you.

Made Especially for You.

Our bras are different because we design our bras especially for petite and smaller-framed women. Use our fit calculator to find your perfect fit.

Sale price$ 66.00 USD
Elodie WireFree Deep plunge petite bra
Sale price$ 66.00 USD
Lea Black Smooth Bra
Sale price$ 62.00 USD
Oh my Gosh..! That was my immediate reaction. Never have I worn something so comfortable and well-fitting!


Good things do come in small packages®

The Little Bra Company® offers a full bra wardrobe for the petite and smaller framed customer. Every bra has some thoughtful design element that will help give you a boost in more ways than one.

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