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No woman wants to have panty lines, but finding comfortable and stylish thongs isn’t always easy. The Little Bra Company knows how you feel! That’s why we offer many different styles of thongs, from seamless thongs to g-string thongs. Whether you like thicker bands, lacy bands, or barely there, you can find the right style for you. With every style being part of our pretty petite lingerie sets you can find a thong to match your petite bra or to wear separately!
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  1. Bijou Thong

    Bijou Thong

    - Low-rise - G-string thong - Sweetheart lace t-back Learn More
  2. Jenny Thong

    Jenny Thong

    - Lace detailing - Smooth front and back - Low-rise Learn More
  3. Lucia (Thongs)

    Lucia (Thongs)

    - Low-rise thong - Lace overlay - Cotton crotch Learn More
  4. Lucia Smooth Thong

    Lucia Smooth Thong

    - Lace detailing - Smooth mesh panel - Low-rise Learn More
  5. Mercedes Thong

    Mercedes Thong

    - Smooth front, - Lace band detail - Lace-up back detail - Petite thong Learn More
  6. Nicole Thong

    Nicole Thong

    - Mesh front - Cotton lining - Lace details - Hip and rear ribbon detail, - Keyhole rear detail - Low rise thong Learn More
  7. Sascha Thong - Lace

    Sascha Thong - Lace

    - Low-rise - Sheer mesh thong Learn More
  8. Sascha Thong - Smooth

    Sascha Thong - Smooth

    - Low-rise - Microfiber thong Learn More
  9. Sonia Thong

    Sonia Thong

    Lace detailing Clean Lines Smooth panels Learn More
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