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Sometimes a girl just wants to be comfortable, but ladies…there is no need to give up style for comfort. The Little Bra Company offers the cute and comfy boyshort cut. With four styles offered, "Erin", "Lucia", "Tonia", and "Yvonne", you have your choice of lacy, smooth, or a mix of both. All three are low-rise for the ultimate fit under any outfit. There’s no doubt you can find the perfect mix of cute and comfortable here!
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  1. Erin Boyshort

    Erin Boyshort

    - Black lace - Slit details - Elastic waistband - Cotton crotch - Low rise Learn More
  2. Lucia (Boyshorts)

    Lucia (Boyshorts)

    low-rise boyshort, lace boyshort, Lucia boyshort, cotton crotch Learn More
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