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"I REALLY like "Ethel" and looking forward to getting "Lucia"!...Please keep me abreast (pun intended!) of TLBC's upcoming events."

Kerry Washington
Actress, "Scandal"

I have officially found my new favorite bra company. I love how they are beautiful, comfortable and give a whole lot of cleavage! It feels wonderful to really embrace what God gave me and make the most of my "girls". Thank you Emily for creating this amazing line of lingerie.

Brianna Brown
Actress, "Devious Maids"

"Emily, my new best friend! I literally feel like I just got a boob-job! (Exept that I love myself/value my money WAY too much to go for the real thing.) Men can't keep eye contact. Women wonder if they're real (I'm a double-A). I actually startle myself when I undress. I finally feel like a real woman (some 15 years post-puberty). I always did wonder when my boobs would come in... Now I don't need them! On behalf of me and rack, THANK YOU!"

Naomi Grossman

Actress "American Horror Story"

"We wanted to take this opportunity to brag about our latest bra purchase; the new 'Sascha' strapless from The Little Bra Company. You may know this brand from our boutique, and designer Emily Lau just launched her latest collection which includes new colors, new matching panties and the first strapless style. As many of you know, buying a strapless bra can be want the shape and support, but wouldn't it be nice if it was pretty and provided lift? The 'Sascha' style covers all of those bases; it gives va-va-voom push-up and the bra itself is quite pretty with its lace/mesh overlay (that lies flat, so it's perfect as a 't-shirt bra'.)"

Alison Rubke
Sherman Oaks, CA |

"Today I had a meeting with a pro-triathlete we are sponsoring through A Little Something Fit.  I have to let you know how well that went – for you!  After looking through nearly our full line, and trying on so many pieces from so many brands, when asked to arrange them in order of preference - Angela / Lucia / Sascha went 1 2 3  without hesitation!  She chose Sascha for dinner tonight and looked fantastic with her cute figure!  Congrats on such a great line!"

A Little Something Fit, LLC

"Cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die, girl, I have NEVER worn a better bra. And for a long time there was one La Perla design I could wear, but as you can imagine it cost $$$$$$$ and is nowhere to be found. This Lucia is even better. It is so stunning and yet STRONG. That is really special--to strike the right balance between absolute beauty and grace and empowerment and confidence. The comfort factor is extraordinary too--I just have been sitting around the house in it (usually I can't wait to take my bra off when I get home). But the truth is, I really barely ever get to wear bras--they are usually so embarrassing, they fit so poorly--so it's amazing to feel like, at age 29, I can finally be a woman! Ha. Seriously, I am having a Judy Blume moment..."

Porochista Khakpour
Author, Sons and Other Flammable Objects

Subject:    Thank you so much!

I don't know even where to begin, but to thank you! I'm extremely petite at only 25 years old. I'm only about 5'0 and it's been so hard to find the right bra that fits me. I've been wearing the wrong size of bras for a long time. Then I heard about The Little Bra Company online from a youtube video, and found your site! These bras give me a nice lift and now I really do feel like a grown woman. The bras give me cleavage I never thought I had! Thank you so much! I'm so grateful to be a proud and happy customer of yours! These bras make me feel more confident and sexy! I'm never going back to wearing my other bras. Though I only have a few right now, I'm happy to say that I will be purchasing more! I'm loving the Lucia, Sascha, and the Elizabeth. THANK YOU!
Crystal Spencer
Waverly, IA

"The bra is boobalicious! My little treasures look like big ones! How do I thank you? I guess I'll buy a couple more!"

Michelle Krusiec
Actress, "Dirty, Sexy, Money"

"Yvonne" fits like a dream and is so very lovely. My favorite thing is that I can actually feel it against my skin, none of that annoying space where I usually don't fill it in. And it is so nice underneath clothing - it looks so natural and again, there's no gap."

Cindy Cheung
Actress, "Lady in the Water"

Subject: Thanks! THANK YOU for a bra that fits for the first time in my life.  No straps falling off, gaps between me and my bra, wire digging into my ribs and sternum, or loose, saggy band.  Lucia fits perfectly in 30B, a size that is almost impossible to find -- and if I can find it from other manufacturers, it still doesn't fit. I have to admit that even though I know this bra fits properly, it feels very, very strange, as that's not something I've ever experienced before. I am 5 feet tall, 90 lbs, and I'm tired of shopping for bras in the girls department (even those don't really fit). I don't think I will ever buy a bra anywhere else again.  I want to throw out all my old bras and just buy one of yours in every style. Korrina


Can I just say thank you? I just got home from a long day at work, changed into my pajamas, and forgot that I was wearing a bra. I received the Yvonne bra four days ago and yes, it's pretty and sexy and gives me a boost, but most importantly it is very comfortable. The first thing I noticed is that I am not tugging at my bra straps all day long to keep them on my petite shoulders; an unsightly and unprofessional gesture. I don't feel the wire digging into my sides. No wire marks on my skin either. Nor do I have to pull the bra down because it keeps riding up. The bra truly fits me well. It is such a relief knowing that I won't have to excuse myself to adjust my bra at work ever again.


Hi Little Bra Company (Emily Lau)!  I just wanted to say thanks so much for your bras! I learned about you from the website frmheadtotoe. I just purchased the Lucia and Sasha Pearl bras! And I love them! I found it difficult to find a bra that actually fits!!! Now I know where I will be purchasing undergarments!!!

Thanks so much!

Just received my new bras today. I love the new "Mercedes" style!! And the Lucia is always my fav!...I do want to let you know how grateful I am that I found your bras! I know this sounds crazy, but they have literally changed my life! I am 5'1" and 100 lbs, and have always been small, despite having two kids. I have NEVER been able to find a bra that fits; a pretty bra at that! I used to be get upset when I'd walk past a lingerie store, because I knew there wasn't anything in there for me.

Last summer was the last straw. I went to Nordstrom's in downtown Seattle to have someone help fit me. In their entire lingerie department, they could only find one bra that sort of worked – if I paid to have alterations. I actually cried in the dressing room and started to consider plastic sugery. I know it seems vain and shallow to be that upset about one's breast size, but because I'm such a small person, I've always felt like I looked about 10. A friend of mine (who knew how I felt) forwarded an article from the NY Times about small bra companies and I went online to check out every single company mentioned. I found your site and fell in love! I ordered a couple, then had my husband order me some for Christmas as well. Since I found your bras, I haven't thought once about getting an "enhancement." Your bras fit my small frame and make me look (and feel) like a woman! I no longer feel ashamed of having small breasts, and have told many people about your amazing bras! " 


Renee Brofsky

" Not too long ago I had a life changing fitting with The Little Bra Company. I say "life changing" because I legitimately had an emotional breakdown (the happy kind) while trying on all their different styles.  It was truly the first time in my life I actually filled out a bra with what little I have.  No more gaps, no more sliding around, no more crazy straps.  Just me, au natural...and it feels amazing."

Arley Elizabeth, Los Angeles CA


Subject: Love My Bra

I have never felt the need to thank a company before but when I got home and put my bra on it was amazing. I have never had a bra that made me feel good about my chest or fit me so amazing! I have always wanted my breast enhanced but since buying this bra I love the way I look. Thank you so much for giving me confidence and I will definitely be buying more bras from you all.

Morgan T.

So I just ordered my first bra from you via Linda the Bra Lady, the Angela in size 30 A, and I am BEYOND impressed! For the first time in my life, I have a bra that FITS! Thank you so much for creating this company!

Renee F.

LOVE the concept of the Little Bra. I am 49 and have had a terrible time my whole life finding anything that fits well and doesn't look like a training bra. I am a doctor but have said that my next career will be opening a lingerie boutique for those of us small gals who are constantly frustrated by mainstream lingerie lines. Will look forward to carrying your line if that plan ever materializes! In the meantime, will be buying all my bras from you. Hurray! 

Lisa S.

"I have been thinking lately of how thankful I am for The Little Bra Company. I can clearly categorize my life into two parts: pre-TLBC and post-TLBC. Before I started working at Nectar Lingerie, I had no idea of what my proper bra size was. I had always walked into lingerie stores and pulled the smallest size of the rack, which was always too big for me! After years of suffering through countless "grumpy bra days", it was finally revealed to me that my size was actually a 28, not a 32, and with one introduction I met my new best friend, The Little Bra Company! Never again have I had to suffer through "grumpy bra days" because the only thing that lives in my lingerie drawer are ladies named Lucia, Sascha, Yvonne and Angela.

Not only have I found TLBC to be comfortable, supportive and beautiful, but I have learned to love my little curves because "less is more" and "good things do come in small packages!" I'm proud to be a TLBC A-lister! Thank you for making something just for petite ladies so that we don't have to suffer through "grumpy bra days" anymore! " 

Tara Teng
Vancouver, Canada

"Wow, I just purchased my first Little Bra (Lucia in red) last week at Candy Kitchen in San Francisco, and was sothrilled. For the first time in my life I had cleavage. The bra was not like other bras which just fill up thecup with some bulky gel. It was actually myown cleavage, which is a minor miracle, because I didn't know I even had cleavage. I am so excited, I just ordered another bra. I'd love to eventually replace all of my bras with yours. ...I can't wait to see what other pretty little things your fabulous company busts out with. (now I can't stop!)"

Darcy Vasudev
San Francisco, CA

" [The Little Bra Company™] are my favorite bras and I wear them (along with my Victoria ' s Secre t 30 A s) everyday . I am more pleased with the TLBC bras than my VS bras, and they fit better than any brand or bra I've ever tried . TLBC doesn't pay me or ask me to say anything , but their bras really opened my eyes and I think it ' s so important to find a correctly - fitting bra . ...One thing that I find truly amazing from this company that makes them stand out from other bras is that they don't use tons and tons of padding to give cleavage, even for petite sizes, so it doesn't feel like your boobs are being squished up to your neck. Instead, they rely on superior overall fit to enhance the woman's shape and cleavage line. TLBC, I commend you for this!"


"I have never thanked a company before, but I just bought my own "the little bra" and I came home, put it on and won't take it off! I'm 27 and It's the first bra that makes me feel like a woman and gives me cleavage that is my own. Thank you for making bras specifically for small women. I will be buying more!"


Kat S.
New York, NY

"The Little Bra Company™ is a godsend for small-breasted women who have all but given up trying to find a bra that fits, let alone one that's pretty and gives you actual cleavage! The first time I put on the Bijou bra, I honestly did not recognize my own boobs. I had to ask, "Is it normal for them to be pushed up like this?" to which Emily responded, "That's cleavage, honey." As an actor, I've had to wear those horribly uncomfortable inserts on every shoot. No longer! The wardrobe department can't believe their eyes and take down the name of the bra immediately. These bras are magic and a must-have in my wardrobe! Thank you, Emily! "

Jessica St. Clair
Actress, ABC's "In the Motherhood"

"Wow! What can I say other than the product is fantastic! I'm an A-girl and now all my other bras are dead to me after trying on the LBC's."

Shannon M., owner
Indulgence Intimates

Nova Scotia, Canada

"Thank you for (finally!) getting me into one of your bras! I've never been a fan of padded bras and although I have always recommended The Little Bra Company for customers in search of a good push-up, I didn't really understand the "shape" (vs other padded bras) it provided until [I tried it on]."

Jenny C., sales associate journelle
New York, NY

"Just wanted to let you ladies know that The Little Bra Company is featured...again, on my blog. This time, we've announced the launch of our online boutique, including images from our photo shoot this weekend in the mountains. The model's favorite bra (and my favorite bra on her) is your Lucia bra -- you'll see it on the blog post. It looks stunning. And this is only a snap shot that I got, wait until you see what the photographer got -- your jaw will drop when you see the images!!!! Of course, I had to send the model home with the red Lucia bra, because she loved it so much. And who wouldn't?! Look at how great she looks in this bra. Before the shoot, she was telling me how she could never find a bra that fit. Once we got her into her bras, she was completely shocked at how good she looked. Thanks for creating such a great product! "

Big Hugs and Loves,


"I absolutely love your bras! Thank you so much for making something for the petite woman. Until I found your company, nothing seemed to fit, even those that were labeled as petite and push up. Your bras are beautiful and comfortable but are made with such attention to, and understanding for, a tiny frame that they lift and mold in all the right places. My favorite is the Lucia bra because it is sexy and makes me feel confident with how well it shapes."

All the best and many thanks,

Candace P.
Chicago, IL

"I just came back from LA with a suitcase full of souvenirs; a hat, a pink bag, an LA piggy bank, a Beverly Hills key chain, lots of clothes, and one thing that I wore home... CLEAVAGE! Yes, cleavage, thanks to petite professional, Emily Lau, founder of The Little Bra Company I have proper fitting bras that are not only beautiful, but lift and push my ladies together as only masking tape has in the past."

Christa Jean | Blogger,
Toronto, Canada

"I would like to thank you sincerely for having helped me getting those wonderful bras! They fit perfectly, they look so nice and I feel like wearing nothing! They are really comfortable. Thank you again and wish you all the best with your company that makes girls with little breasts feel sexier and nicer!"

Waiting for new items to come and order...

Kind regards,


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! All I have to say is, you should have seen my husband's face when I flashed him in my new Lucia bra last night! He couldn't believe that was really me! Then he said "buy more, buy more"!"

Lisa C.
Weymouth, MA

"I'm wearing TLBC bra RIGHT NOW! I can't seem to take it off! Seriously, my husband and I are both enjoying the cleavage. So fun!"

Sandra Corddry
Los Angeles, CA

"I purchased online (on your company's beautiful website) on a whim even though I prefer to try on bras to see how they fit-- but I don't regret my decision! "Victoria" is a very pretty bra-- I love the lace. I'm glad it gives me a lift, which I've never seen with other bras and so far it doesn't appear to cut into my sides. I also love that the straps are convertible (in case I want to switch to clear straps)."

Jessica L.
Boston, MA

"I bought your "Ethel" bra about a month ago and I just have to say that it absolutely surpassed my expectations! It's so nice to have an attractive bra that fits wonderfully. Finally, a bra that does justice to a petite frame...Thank you for having the entrepreneurial spirit, Emily, and good luck to you. I know that starting a new business is tough work, but we small women need you. Thanks again."

Cynthia Fellows
Florham Park, New Jersey

"I LOVE my little bra! I've worn it every day since I got because it's so comfortable!"

Chelsea Korka
Finalist, "Pussycat Dolls Present The Search for the Next Doll"

"I love your line... I actually feel sexy. If you ever need a model for print/another fashion show... I would absolutely welcome the opportunity. Miss a chance to model your SEXY lingerie??? Forget about it! Best of success to the both you. Cheers... GREAT SHOW!"


"Just wanted to give you this first-hand customer testimonial that I love, love, love your/my Little Bra! Am wearing mine today underneath a sleeveless Zac Posen sparkly shirt and it looks great. This post-lactating, raisin-cup mother thanks you both."

Wah Chen
Real Estate Developer and Mother

To Whom It May Concern:

I just received my Lucia Bra in the mail today. I can not tell you how much I am in love with this bra! I just tried it on and I don't think I will ever go back to "normal" bras again! I modeled my new Lucia Bra and then my normal everyday bra for my husband and even he agreed the Lucia Bra looked waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

I feel I had to write you because I just can not thank you enough. I am 5' 3" about 124 pounds and my measurement is a 32AA to 32A (depending on the bra and fit). I purchased the Lucia in a 32A (I followed your measurement guide online) and I would swear that this bra was made just for me and my exact measurements. I have cleavage with this bra on! I don't know how it is possible, but it is, and my breasts even bounce a bit in this bra! For the first time in my adult life (I am 35) I feel like a woman! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am practically in tears. Other people just wouldn't understand. My search is over. I am going to use that 15% coupon I got with my order and slowly start to stock up my lingerie drawer with your beautiful bras that actually fit (and flatter) my small bust!

Again, my sincerest thank you's. I honestly can not say it enough. I'm going to tell everyone I know about your bras and company!!

Beth Van Dusen

Dear Wonderful People of TLBC,

I LOVE the Lucia. I never thought I would find a bra that fit me, one that I could 'fill out,' but the Lucia is perfect and even makes me feel like I've actually got some cleavage! I am so glad that I am a real bra size, too. On the Victoria's Secret website I entered my measurements in their bra-size-finder and it just came up with an error message...apparently my size is non-calculable and non-existent! I'm so glad I found you, TLBC!

Thanks again for your awesome products!

Celeste O'Toole, Ohio

Dear Little Bra Company,

I will never consider purchasing a bra from another source. Yours are incredibly comfortable and have improved my appearance dramatically. My size 32C chest now looks like a real C, and in better proportion thanks to overall petite sizing. Thanks so much.

Sarah Uhl, New Hampshire

Due to the fact that i am a lp (little person) it is hard finding the perfect bra. Thanks to your company I can feel truly beautiful! Thank you again for having this company! I am a lifetime member now!!

Michelle McKenzie, Washington  

Hey there TLBC!!! I absolutely ADORE your bras!!! I went through a bit of a health change and lost about 20lbs in a very short period of time, leaving me 100lbs and very tiny! (Don't worry! All is well and I'm very healthy). When I discovered I was a 28D I realized that I could no longer shop at normal stores for a bra... You guys are a God send! Your 30C are absolutely perfect for me. I haven't bought a bra any where else since I discovered you guys!

Erika, Maryland

I recently purchased 2 bras from your company. I found you by accident on the internet searching for a place to buy a few new bras. Bra shopping has always been a horrible experience for me because of the way I’m built and I have never found a bra that I’ve liked, until now. I purchased your “Erin” bra and for the first time in my life I feel like I finally look like a woman. That’s embarrassing to even say, but I had set my expectations fairly low because your site is more for petite woman and I’m 5’8”, I thought there was a really good chance your bras wouldn’t work for me. I was wrong.

Anonymous, Virginia

I love the Stephanie bra! Actually, I love almost all TLBC bras. The bras are so pretty, well-made, not overly padded....and they fit small women like me! Thank you so much for catering to smaller women. :) 

Stacey, Pennsylvania


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