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Lingerie Glossary

Ballet Back – A ballet back or “U”-shape back refers to the shape where the straps meet the back of the bra. This unique shape fits more snugly and comfortably around the body and naturally lifts your bustline. And just like the name suggests, this shape also elongates your torso and improves your posture…just like a ballerina! The “U” shape brings the straps closer together on your shoulders and keeps them from sliding off.


Contoured – Contoured bras are molded bras with pre-shaped, usually graduated foam, to create a sculpted silhouette. Our contoured bras have a variety of padding levels to give you the right amount of push-up when you want it.

Cut-and-Sew – Cut-and-sew bras are usually made of two or three pieces of lace or fabric that is cut and sewn to create a bra cup. The seams provide the shape and support. The cut-and-sew bra is soft and versatile. Instead of the bra shaping your breast, your breast shapes the bra to give you a more natural-looking, yet uplifted silhouette. Most of our cut-and-sew bras come with additional push-up pads or “cookies” to give you the option of push-up when you want it. TIP: The cut-and-sew bra is also a great solution for asymmetrical breasts. Just remove the padding on the side with the fuller breast and tighten the strap on the side with the smaller breast to create a balanced bustline.

Deep Plunge – Deep-plunge bra cups meet lower in the center, and look best with v-neck and low-cut necklines. The cups are usually set closer and naturally push the breasts inward to create more cleavage. We recommend this style for women with closer-set breasts.

Demi-cup – A demi-cup bra is a half-cup bra, where the fabric on the entire bra cup is generally cut lower leaving the top of your breasts more exposed. The shoulder straps are set farther apart, and therefore, we recommend this style for wider-set breasts.

Molded – A molded bra cup is formed like the shape of a breast by a machine in one piece so that it creates a seamless silhouette. Molded bras can be unlined and unpadded, and made with or without underwire.

Powermesh – This lightweight, yet rigid mesh fabric stretches to smooth and shape. It is used most frequently to line the back wings of bras to provide the correct support in a foundation. A misconception about petite bras is that we don’t need that much support. In fact, when we want extra push-up and shape, we really do need extra technical assistance from fabrics like powermesh to keep our breasts in place and uplifted.

Push Up – A push-up bra has additional padding strategically placed on the bottom and sides of the bra cup to push inward and upwardto create the illusion of a boosted bustline and/or more cleavage. TLBC has a variety of padding levels to give you the option of a little or a lot of push-up. There are even bras that have removable padding called “cookies.”

Side Sling – A side sling is fabric, usually a lightweight mesh that is vertically placed from under the arm across the bottom of the bra cup to provide extra uplift and support. In TLBC bra styles that don’t have underwire or contoured padding, we sometimes use a side sling to give you the cleavage and boost without the conventional means.

Soft Cup – A soft-cup bra has no underwire. Sometimes a soft cup bra can have light lining in it for additional support. For example, our sports bra, “Elizabeth,” is wire-free, but it has light lining and structured seaming to give you shape and support.



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