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TLBC STYLE | Flashback Friday: Channeling Our Inner Carrie Bradshaw, by Showing Off Our Innerwear

Posted on September 09 2016

For seasons, Sex and the City gave women across the country their fashion fixes during the late 1990's to early 2000’s. Carrie Bradshaw and her besties, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda served nothing less than fashion greatness on our TV screens every week. Just writing this makes me want to binge-watch the series all over again!

We watched each episode at the edge of our seats, not only for the juicy storyline, but also for the bold daring looks. One daring fashion trend Carrie did and did well was the exposed bra. Like many of her outfits, Carrie had the ability to turn something so risqué into a look that every girl wanted to emulate. 

Sarah Jessica Parker continues to be a fashion pioneer even after her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Over the years SJP has channeled her inner Carrie in more ways than one. SJP has effortlessly worn the exposed bra trend time and time again. And has definitely made this look her very own. 

After all, why not show it off! What’s on the inside can sometimes be even prettier than what’s on the outside.

Some styles that we think you might want to show off from The Little Bra Company are...






Show us how you are inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s peek-a-boo look! Tag us on Instagram @thelittlebracompany and we’ll send you a coupon code.


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