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Lingerie Lessons | What's Your Boob Shape?

Posted on August 23 2016

So no one person is made the same right? Well this holds true for boobs as well! No pair of tata's are alike and it is imperative that you take the time to get to know your girls in order to find the best and most comfortable lingerie for you.


Just like bodies, breasts have different basic types that you may fall under that will help you in your bra search and fitting adventures. Check out a few of the ones we see most often...

Which type are you?


1. Asymmetric - 1 breast is larger than the other (can be subtle or major)

Fit Tip: Removable padding is your soulmate feature! 

2. Bell Shape - Generally these are heavier breasts that are narrower at the top and fuller on the bottom.

Fit Tip: Full coverage will feel oh so good and help take the stress of those shoulders!

2. East West: Gently sloping breasts that point to the sides.

Fit Tip: Push-up, T-shirt, or Deep-plunge styles will help bring those babies together, comfortably!

3. Side Set: This shape means the breasts sit farther apart on the breast bone, but your nipples face relatively forward. 

Fit Tip: You're a balconette baby! the extra material and structure will help support and fill in the center gap!

4. Slender: Wider at the top, narrow at the bottom, generally less breast tissue.

Fit Tip: Take the plunge! Deep-plunge styles will help add shape, with or without padding!

5. Round - Equally full on top and bottom

Fit Tip: Balconette styles will highlight your assets best - but in general these ladies will fit most styles (lucky girls!)



Need more help figuring out your shape or not sure you fit any of these? Checkout a more extensive list here or here. 


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