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Bizarre Lingerie

Posted on March 28 2016

Lingerie can be fun and flirty, sexy and sultry, sweet and simple, or any other combination you can think of. Here at TLBC, we truly believe that lingerie can be used to express your personal style, personality, or mood. Taking risks and trying new fun designs is half the fun! But even so, there are some truly bizarre lingerie designs out there.



Here are a few of the craziest we’ve seen…


1. Aluminum Panties -

We believe in the many uses of aluminum foil - but this may be taking it too far…

Bizarre lingerie - aluminum panties


2. Gas Filtering Underwear -

 Flatulence helping underwear...there’s something for everything we suppose…


bizarre lingerie - Flatulence guarding panties


3. Wedding Chastity Bra -

This Triumph designed bra helps women meet their partner goals - with a pink heart that plays ‘Here comes the bride’ when matched with an engagement ring, and a pen and stamp included to help with the marriage license signing process, this bra helps keep the marriage minded lady focused!


 bizarre lingerie - chastity bra


4. Headlight Bra -

Lost in the dark? This bra won't only support your chest, but also light your way! Talk about double duty…



bizarre lingerie - headlight bra



5. The Gas Mask Bra -

An interesting concept designed in 1986 - with a radiation sensor built in, this would probably be a must-have for any lingerie loving ladies living near nuclear power plants!


bizarre lingerie - gas mask bra




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