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What To Wear Wednesday | Holiday Weekend Essentials

Posted on May 25 2016

Memorial Weekend - the unofficial start of Summer - is (in our humble opinion) one of the best long weekends of the year - It’s a kick off to the fun months ahead, a little break from whatever work has been bogging you down, and often times, a reason to travel! Packing for this, or any, holiday weekend can be a bit daunting and slightly stressful.
In order to avoid stress and be prepared for any scenario, the TLBC team recommends starting with the basics! Figure out your must-have lingerie pieces and then plan your outfits from really it works!

Travel Essentials - Start with the simple ones, a t-shirt bra (option 2)  or a sports bra are must-haves for any and all travel. If we are going to be rocking the comfortable under-duds then we are probably going to wearing our favorite leggings and tank top combo, or maybe that maxi dress that is so soft we would sleep in it... Either way comfort from top to bottom is the name of the game!

Daytime Essentials - With the understanding (or hope) that most days may be spent in a bathing suit, you're definitely going to want to throw in a sundress or two. We also recommend throwing in those cutoff shorts you can’t seem to get rid of and a light tank so you’re covered but not too hot.

Nighttime Essentials -  For the looks that you may or may not have planned ahead of time, you’re going to want some options. A simple strapless is a must, of course. A deep-plunge for versatility is always a safe bet - Just in case you want to show off that hard earned tan! We would also recommend throwing in a lace-demi. You never know when you’re going to want to feel ultra feminine! With all these options you could wear that perfect summer wrap dress, the strapless bodycon you’ve been meaning to tryout, or maybe you’re more interested in rocking the skinny jeans and silk top - Covering up that hint of a burn from a day in the sun, perhaps?

A Holiday weekend can hold many surprises, so it pays to be prepared. No one wants to be getting ready for the first cook-out of the summer and realize they can't wear their favorite outfit...because they forgot their favorite bra ; )


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



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