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Lucia (Signature Collection)

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Review by J
For the longest time, i could never find a bra that fit properly. Finally I stumbled upon this website and decided to order Lucia. It was the best decision of my life. I'm in love with this bra. it's super comfy! I will never go back to my old bras! (Posted on 7/29/2014)
Review by HT
This Lucia signature bra is the best one i've ever bought. It provides good support for my breasts and the lace is just too cute. One thing I agree with the manufacturer is that the band can be small. If you're in between sizes, consider going up one size of the band. (Posted on 7/25/2014)
Review by T
This is a good bra. Be advised of the site's fit tips; this bra is best for closer-set breasts. (Posted on 7/17/2014)
Review by Laura
Have been fooling myself into thinking I was a bigger band and smaller cup for years. I have finally found the bra designer for me. I am loving the Lucia and cannot wait to try more TLBC bras in the near future. This bra is comfortable, fits better than any bra I've ever worn and is just so pretty. (Posted on 6/21/2014)
Review by Ashley
Let me first say that this is the first bra that has EVER given me real cleavage without 4 inches of padding. My current bras are 32B's, but are so ill-fitting, I heard about TLBC and purchased Lucia in 28C (my accurate bra size so I thought) but it was too small! At 4'11 amd 93 lbs I never thought it could happen. I have since returned that bra but I plan on ordering in a size up. I am also cheacking out the Courtney style! These bras are great, and so is customer service! Even if the first order doesn't fit, please try again! These are too well made, and cute to pass up. (Posted on 6/17/2014)
Review by Emily
Although the fit of this bra is superb, the cut is not ideal for women with wider set breasts. The band was supportive and the detailing was beautiful, but this one doesn't work for me due to my breasts constantly shifting laterally out of the cups. (Posted on 6/17/2014)
Review by Rosebose
I bought the black Lucia bra after a depressing visit to a certain brand-name store. The Little Bra Company did not let me down. The Lucia makes my breasts look nice without any of the unnatural pinup look that pushup bras can give you. I have wide-set breasts and large areola, so the extra shaping, coverage, and support provided by the lace made this the best bra I have yet owned. It's stood up well to my almost daily usage. I'm now proud to be a bra-bearing member of the itty bitty titty committee. I was just thinking that I wished they made a neutral-colored smooth cup version, and then saw the Sonia on sale. Next purchase, for sure! The only thing to be aware of is that they're not kidding when they say to go up a band size from your normal purchase. The first Lucia I wore gave me bruises on my sternum. Don't be afraid to buy two sizes and return the one that doesn't fit if you're worried about it. (Posted on 6/15/2014)
Review by Meaghan
Such an amazing bra! Its beautiful and well made! My only complaint is the convertible straps are still too long for me, despite it being made the tightest. (Posted on 6/9/2014)
Review by Ashley
I love this Lucia because it's able to give my girls a lift that no other bra has ever done! the cups sit closer together unlike many other bras I've tried. I wish they had the lucia fit with a completely smooth cup like the sascha so I could wear under tees. (Posted on 6/6/2014)
Review by M
I had the original non convertible Lucia bra and was in love with that one then I found out it came in convertible, this one is even BETTER! comfy bra, extra boost AND convertible? WIN! (Posted on 5/31/2014)

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