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  • Tuesday Tip Day | Spring Cleaning Tips!

    Spring is almost here and with it comes Spring Cleaning!

    We may not always look forward to cleaning, but come springtime, our homes and closets are in need of a deep clean. From trash bags full of clothes to face masks and yellow gloves, Spring-cleaning can take on many different forms and be as in-depth or as superficial as you wish.

    This season the TLBC team wants to share some of our tips and tricks to help make spring-cleaning as easy and effective as possible. Today we are focusing on the Closet Cleanse!

    The Closet Cleansing

    Ever had that moment when you’re getting ready to go out and you think… I have nothing to wear! I need to go shopping!!... We have been there as well. While the TLBC Team will never discourage a quality-shopping trip, every outfit crisis is not a call for a wardrobe overhaul. Taking the time to organize your closet and drawers will help you realize that you have more choices than you think. It is a long process…but if done right closet cleansing can be a shopping trip all its own (a cheaper one we might add). The key to a clean and clutter free closet is zoning! Split your closet into zones. It can be by color, style, season, or whatever other category you choose. Doing this will de-clutter the space and make you more aware of what you have and what items you may need.

    The real benefit of spring-cleaning is that you get to clean out your closet and drawers of all the pieces you no longer need! Whether you’ve lost weight, changed your style, moved, or simply no longer want an item now is your chance to clean house! When making these wardrobe decisions the TLBC Team recommends that you make two piles: the “throw away” pile and the “donate” pile.  You may find that truly unusable piece that makes you wonder how you’ve justified keeping it for so long – throwaway pile for sure! Then there are items that just don’t work for you anymore, but someone else might love it – donation pile please!

    One area we are sure almost always ends up in the throw away pile is that dark, cold cavern known as the back of your lingerie drawer! Bras wear out quickly; in fact your most used bras should be replaced every 4 – 5 months! While some of your bras may need to make their home in the throw away pile, others are more useful than you may think! The TLBC Team recommends that you donate the pieces that no longer work for you but are still wearable! Free The Girls is a wonderful organization that is helping women in Africa become successful through the sale of second hand bras. Visit here to learn more about this great cause and donate your bras today!

    Once you have cleansed your closet it is time to take stock! See what you have, what you may need, and what could go into storage for the warmer months ahead!

    This process may take a whole Saturday, but we promise you will feel like a new woman when you’re finished!



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