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  • Boosting Your Bustline

    Let’s face it, our breasts are one of the most sensual –looking part of our bodies, and for those who have “less” to work with, It can be a challenge to make them look as full and lifted as we may want them to. We know cleavage is not for every occasion or for every woman, but when you do want it, here are some helpful tips on how to enhance your smaller bust.

    The Little Bra Company’s small bras were made especially for smaller-chested women and women with petite frames. Our sizes range from 28-38A, 28-36B, and 28-34C. If you are looking for the maximum in lift and cleavage, our Isis bra is by far the best choice for your little wardrobe. Our Isis bra is rated the 5 out of 5-stars on our padding scale; which means “Ooh La La Push-Up!” She has convertible straps and heavily padded demi-contoured cups to offer petite figures an enhanced bustline. Isis also features a gorgeous, sparkly tear-drop center detail in the front between the cups, making small-framed women everywhere feel like the goddesses they really are! Isis is available in two colors: black and nude.

    To purchase Isis, or any of our other small bras from The Little Bra Company, please visit:

    For this trick, you will need a bronzer or a foundation a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Simply use your bronzer or foundation and shade the area where your breasts curve. Darkening this impression will create the illusion of higher cleavage and larger breasts.

    Good Posture
    Hold your head up, push your chest forward, roll your shoulders back, and keep your spine straight. A good posture will make your breasts look fuller and perkier. It will also make you look taller and even a few pounds slimmer!

    A Detailed Neckline
    Tops or dresses with lace ruffles, sequins, or any other type of embellishment along the neckline will give your breasts a visual boost. But be careful, if the details are too large, they will overpower your cleavage.

    With or without a boost, we find that smaller-busted and petite woman are sexy! Just look at Kate Hudson, Kiera Knightley, and Natalie Portman. After all, their inner confidence and ability to make the most of what they’ve got, is what makes them most beautiful.

  • Find the Perfect Petite Bridal Lingerie with The Little Bra Company!

    Hey Fans!

    While you're busy looking through thousands of bridal magazines and trying on dozens of wedding dresses, you may have forgotten about some very important small items to complete your perfect wedding day look- those essential unmentionables that go under the dress! Undergarments provide the foundation necessary for your outerwear to look how it's supposed to. They can also change the way your dress fits, so you will need to purchase them BEFORE your first dress fitting.

    The bra is the most important undergarment for your wedding day. It is the leading piece of bridal lingerie to which all others play supporting roles. You will need a good, supportive bra to lift your small bust as you walk down the aisle. It should also keep you comfortable for hours of dining, dancing, and posing for pictures with your new hubby and relatives. Even though many bridal boutiques offer decorative bras, you need to make comfort your priority because you don't want insufficient support or annoying wires cutting into your sides on your wedding day.

    Lucia in Ivory
    The Lucia bra is bestselling petite push-up bra! She is universally flattering for smaller frames. This sexy, deep-plunge push-up bra will help petite women fill out the most gorgeous wedding dresses. Finally, natural-looking cleavage in a wedding dresses! The all-over lace bra is feminine and fashionable. Since the lace lays flat against the body, we promise it won’t show through your gown. The contoured cup bra has convertible straps, so it can be worn in multiple ways, so it is perfect for those fashionable halter wedding dresses. Lucia is so popular; she has been featured in InStyle Magazine and the New York Times! To purchase Lucia bra and thong/boyshort set in ivory, please visit:

    Sascha in Pearl
    Sascha will give you a natural-looking curve. She can be worn as a strapless, little push-up bra or an everyday petite bra. The additional straps making Sascha the perfect bra for all wedding dresses, with or without sleeves! The floral mesh lace will appear seamless under your gown. The removable push-up padding makes Sascha is the must-have little bra in any petite women's bridal wardrobe! Because Sascha is the perfect foundation bra for any formal dress or bridal wear, she is the best strapless bra in a small bra sizes! To purchase Sascha bra and thong set in pearl, please visit

    Remember to pick up something extra sexy for your special day, and night! The Little Bra Company offers beautiful and classy options for brides with small frames. Whether you want a strapless bra or a bra with a little more coverage, remember to buy your bridal lingerie before trying on wedding dresses!

  • Your Best Fit with The Little Bra Company!

    Hey Fans!

    In past posts, The Little Bra Company has educated you on some of the problems of an ill-fitting bra. This time, we decided to highlight what’s right about a perfect fitting bra.

    One of our customers, Gretchen, had this to say about her bra from The Little Bra Company: “Can I just say thank you? I just got home from a long day at work, changed into my pajamas, and forgot that I was wearing a bra. I received the Yvonne bra four days ago and yes, it's pretty and sexy and gives me a boost, but most importantly it is very comfortable. The first thing I noticed is that I am not tugging at my bra straps all day long to keep them on my petite shoulders; an unsightly and unprofessional gesture. I don't feel the wire digging into my sides. No wire marks on my skin either. Nor do I have to pull the bra down because it keeps riding up. The bra truly fits me well. It is such a relief knowing that I won't have to excuse myself to adjust my bra at work ever again,”

    Being comfortable, and preferably not even really noticing that you are ever wearing a bra are signs that you have made an excellent little bra purchase. Keep these 4 fit tips in mind every time you try on a bra:

    1) Straps should remain vertical and do not dig into shoulders.
    2) Band stays horizontal at all times during wear.
    3) Breasts do not spill out of cups.
    4) Wire fits snug underneath breasts; against the sternum.

    To get the perfect push-up and an even more flattering look, try out “The Scoop!”

    1) Put The Little Bra on. Lean down and allow your breasts to fall naturally into the bra cups.
    2) While leaning over, take your left hand to hold the bra in place, where the back wing meets the underwire. Now use your right hand to scoop your “little goods” to the center of the little bra. Repeat step with the right cup.
    3) Adjust shoulder straps tight enough to keep your breasts in place and supported, but not so tight that there is pressure on your shoulders. You should be able to put two fingers between the straps.
    4) You’ve got cleavage! Wear your favorite fashions with a small bra from The Little Bra Company.

    “The Scoop” method can be found under the Fit Tips tab on The Little Bra Company’s website.

    Please visit to purchase any of our petite lace-cup and smooth-cup bras.

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  • Congrats to Cynthia Cheng Mintz!

    Hey Fans!

    The Little Bra Company would like to congratulate Cynthia Cheng Mintz’s for running one of the oldest petite-focused blogs, “Shorty Stories”! Ms. Cheng Mintz discusses body image issues in relation to height.
    To check out “Short Stories,” please visit:

  • Tips Petite Women Can Use to Look Taller

    Hey TLBC fans!

    Although all our petite customers are not necessarily 5’4” and under, we know some of you are, and therefore, we decided to make a list of fashion tips and tricks that are sure to help elongate your small frame!

    Of course, heels will elevate you to new heights, but if you want to wear the fashionable and trendy flats out there, choose a color that will give the illusion of an elongated body. For example, if you are wearing a short skirt, wear a nude flat to make your bare legs look longer. If you are wearing black pants, wear black flats. This will give the illusion of a couple more inches before the color hits the floor.

    Tighter is better
    Tighter clothing will emphasize your silhouette, ultimately helping you look taller. When you wear baggy clothing, you’ll see that your lines are not defined and will actually make you look shorter. If you have to wear the baggy lookm though, try tucking in your baggy shirt into tight jeans to at least give you a more defined waistline.

    Avoid capri pants or crop shorts
    If you are aiming to look taller, wearing capri pants or cropped shorts is unfornutately not the way to go. Instead of short shorts try Bermuda shorts, or shorts with a slightly longer leg. Knee-length or longer shorts will help make your legs have an overall longer appearance. Keep in mind that the same rule applies to skirts; those that end close to the ankles will make you look shorter, whereas those that end closer to the knee will help elongate the look of your legs.

    The Little Bra Company!
    Even though lingerie may not be seen on the outside, it definitely is the foundation to your entire outfit and is the piece of clothing that is the closest to your body. A bra with a good lift will create the illusion of a longer torso. All of The Little Bra Company’s small bras are specially engineered to create the perfect amount of lift and support for your petite frame. For sky-high elevation, The Little Bra Company recommends our best-selling Lucia bra, and our 5-star “ooh la la” padded Isis bra.

    When done right, layering can help your body look a lot taller. There are several things that you will want to keep in mind if you plan to layer. Darker colored shirts should always go on the outside, as this is the color that people will be the most focused on. You should avoid layering ruffled shirts, mainly because they only add emphasis to the chest and neck area, rather than the rest of your body. Try out several shirts when layering to see what makes you look the tallest.

    Long Shirts
    Wearing shirts that are longer in length will make your torso look longer. This can add a few invisible inches to your body. Because longer shirts and layering is trendy this season, you will be able to find long shirts for all seasons. But keep in mind that tighter is better!

    Compliment with bright colors
    Is there a certain part of your body that you really want to emphasize? For example, let's just say that you have shapely, slender legs. If you want to use your legs to make your whole body look taller, then you should try rocking some bright colored pants. If you have a slim stomach, you may want to emphasize it by wearing a brightly colored shirt.

    Be a Proud Petite Woman!
    No matter what your height is, stand tall. Wear clothes that make you feel good, because we guarantee if you feel good, you will look good no matter what you wear. Wearing a bra that fits is the first step to feeling your best. Your intimate apparel should be comfortable and give you the shape you want for any outfit. The Little Bra Company offers smaller size bras for your petite body type that are not only functional, but also fashionable.

    There are many clothing companies that cater specifically to petite women.
    The Little Bra Company offers intimate apparel that will enhance and give shape to women with a smaller frame. Be a proud petite because “good things do come in small packages!”®

    For more information, please visit .
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  • The Little Bra Company’s Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide: Gifts for Her

    Hey fans!

    Sometimes picking out a Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend or wife can be a little overwhelming. The Little Bra Company comprised a list with some of our favorite gift ideas your Valentine is sure to love!

    V-Day Necklace, in Sterling Silver: $225.00, founded by playwright Eve Ensler, has partnered with Amanda Keidan Jewelry in the effort to raise money and awareness, to end violence against girls and women around the world. The ‘Amanda Keidan for V-Day’ pendant is the artists' interpretation of the V-Day symbol. This limited edition pendant is available in Sterling Silver or 14K yellow gold.

    Reasons I Love You Stones: $29.95
    The reason for your love are infinite, and now nine of them are engraved in stone. One side of each stone says "I love you" and the other bears a compelling reason. This is an awesome way to express to your Valentine exactly why you love her so much!

    At the Hollywood Farmers Market, Emily discovered our favorite chocolate confections from Los Angeles. Her favorites are Salt & Pepper Truffles and Almond Fleur de Sel Toffees. Made by chocolate artisans, these unique treats are gourmet and divine. You can mail order these to-die-for chocolates from their website.

    A small bra and panty set from The Little Bra Company. The perfect gift is a gift that both you and your Valentine can share and love. The Lucia small bra and panty set is a great choice. The Lucia little bra set in red is perfect if you are trying to go with the Valentine’s Day trend.
    Another festive Valentine’s Day small bra set is Mercedes. The Mercedes set comes in a sophisticated blush color option.

    For 15% off your entire order from The Little Bra Company, use coupon code VDAY2012 at the checkout. Our Valentine’s Day offer is only valid January 15, 2012 – February 20, 2012.

    The next two wickedly sexy gifts from another Los Angeles company…

    Lady Rhubarb Candle: $80.00
    A sharp look at the freshest scents of Summer. Lady Rhubarb evokes sunny afternoons with its balanced and exciting combination of Blood Orange, Red Mandarin, Grapefruit, Sandalwood, and Perilla – also known as the rare Japanese shiso, which boosts the immune system.

    Naughty & Nice Journal: $38.00
    Record all of your most tender and wicked sentiments in this 192 page, two-faced journal. This journal has a thick black faux leather cover with gold embossing. NAUGHTY flips over to NICE. Much like we do.

    Huiles Precieuses Body Oil: $78.00
    The Pallida iris embodies the aristocratic elegance of the Italian city for which it is the emblem. Delightfully versatile, these precious oils are like a silky whisper on the skin and act as a protective emollient in the bath. -

    A gift voucher from The Little Bra Company!
    Our gift vouchers are the perfect option for someone who wants to make sure their Valentine gets exactly what she wants! Let her pick the color and style of her small bra set. Gift vouchers come in two options; $50.00 and $100.00.

    The Little Bra Company’s Valentine’s Day “gifts for her” guide can go on and on forever!
    Feel free to share any of your favorite gift ideas!

  • The Little Bra Company’s Lucia was Featured in Guiliana Rancic’s FabFitFun!

    Hey fans!

    Check out The Little Bra Company’s bestselling small bra Lucia in Guiliana Rancic’s FabFitFun! Lucia, in red, was featured as one of the sexiest options for Valentine’s Day night. FabFitFun called Lucia the must-have push-up bra in every petite woman’s closet! With her flattering and cleavage-enhancing, deep-plunge neckline, and convertible straps, Lucia red is perfect for any Valentine’s outfit, day or night.

    To order Lucia, or any of our other little bras, please visit .
    For 15% off your entire order, use coupon code VDAY2012 at the checkout. Our Valentine’s Day offer is only valid January 15, 2012 – February 20, 2012, feel free to put it to good use!

  • The Little Bra Company’s Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide: Gifts for Him!

    Hey fans!

    Sometimes picking out a Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or husband can be a little overwhelming. The Little Bra Company comprised a list with some of our favorite gift ideas your Valentine is sure to love!

    Heart-to-Heart Split Key Chain: $19.95
    This split heart keychain can be engraved with your names, dates, or whatever you desire! You keep one side of the keychain, and give the other to your significant other. It’s like a piece of your love will always be with you!

    Sweethearts Photo Collage: $29.95
    Collect all of the wonderful memories of you and your loved one and showcase them inside your very own custom designed frame! This custom frame features your names, filled with pictures of you and your partner. This gift will be the perfect wall-decor to any entrance way or family room.

    Activity Books for Couples: $14.95
    The Couples Activity Book is a fun way to spend time with your partner. The Couple's Activity Book contains over 40 pages of engaging, silly, sexy games that will help couples share thoughts and build a stronger connection. No matter how long you and your Valentine have been together, these fun games and drawing activities are sure to bring laughter to your day.

    A small bra and panty set from The Little Bra Company. The perfect gift is a gift that both of you can share and love. The Lucia small bra and panty set for her is also a gift for him. The Lucia little bra set in red is perfect for couples trying to go with the Valentine’s Day trend.
    Another festive Valentine’s Day small bra set is Mercedes. The Mercedes set comes in a blush color option.

    For 15% off your entire order from The Little Bra Company, use coupon code VDAY2012 at the checkout. Our Valentine’s Day offer is only valid January 15, 2012 – February 20, 2012.

    The Original Bond Lighter: $31.50
    This is sleekest lighter you’ll ever see. Although we don't encourage smoking, there are still many other reasons to keep a good lighter around.

    iLuvU Personalized iPhone Cases (for iPhone 4 and 4S): $24.95
    Create a fun, one-of-a-kind gift for that special person in your life. Get him a customized iPhone case. The case features a heart-bitten apple design with "iLoveU" printed at the bottom of the case. You have the option to select the color and personalized text for a fun and unique gift. This is an ideal gift Valentine’s Day gift for a tech-savvy special someone.

    Give him a "pantygram" from The Little Bra Company!
    Capture your Valentine’s thoughts with this sexy and flirtatious gift. Your man will be completely surprised as he pulls out a beautiful boy-short or thong from his gift bag. We suggest you write a personalized, confidential message along with your panty, for his eyes only. The Little Bra Company’s panties come in a variety of styles and colors; it might be hard to pick just one!

    The Little Bra Company’s Valentine’s Day gifts for him guide can go on and on forever!
    Feel free to share any of your favorite gift ideas!

  • 2012 SAG Awards Fashion Review!

    Hey Fans!

    If you tuned in to the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards (aka SAG Awards) this past weekend you might have noticed that this red carpet was about color and diversity. Almost all of the starlets rocked classy solid colored garments. Even though most of these gowns consisted of one color, we saw how designers use their unique talents to create beautiful embroidery, trimming, and draping to make these garments POP! Rose Byrne looked stunning in a crème jump suit, beaded from head-to-toe, and Michelle Williams wore a gorgeous red gown with lace sleeves along her shoulders.

    Throughout the night, we also saw quite a bit of black. Angelina Jolie, Heather Morris, and Ashlee Simpson chose to go with black dresses. Emma Stone rocked a black knee-length dress with beading and feather embellishments across the chest.
    TLBC tip: Tops with decorations or ornaments across the chest will not only give your outfit a little something extra special, it will also create the illusion of larger breasts.

    If you are looking to create the illusion of larger breasts, and would like a little help, The Little Bra Company’s small bra Isis is perfect for you! All of our little bras are specially engineered to give women with small busts cleavage, while still maintaining a classy and sexy look. Little bra Isis comes in two color options: nude and black, so she can be worn with virtually every outfit; making her a must-have small bra!

    A couple of stars, like Shailene Woodley and Busy Phillips, decided to wear dresses with prints. Even though their train of thought was the very similar, both women rocked very different styles. Unfortunately, critics didn’t like their choices and placed both women on the worst dressed list of the SAG Awards.

    Now, we want to hear from the fans:
    What was your favorite 2012 SAG Awards red carpet trend?
    And, who do you think was the best dressed starlet?

  • Happy Chinese New Year!

    恭禧发财 (Gong Xi Fa Cai)
    Chinese to English translation: Happy New Year!

    Today is Chinese New Year! The Chinese people believe that all creations are reborn on New Year’s Day. Chinese New Year celebrates the concept of “out with the old, and in with the new.”
    Basically, everything associated with the New Year's Day is supposed to represent good fortune.
    To help you find your fortune in the New Year, The Little Bra Company put together a list of some Chinese New Year customs that are sure to keep you ladies lucky!

    Clean your home as thoroughly as possible to sweep away the bad luck of the year that has ended. But, do not clean your home during the first few days of the New Year! You do not want to risk sweeping away any of the good luck the New Year will bring you. This is why brooms should be placed in a hidden spot before New Year’s Day, to prevent the good fortune from being swept away.

    Try to pack your home with as many friends, family members, and loved ones as possible. A home filled with laughter and light during the New Year celebration will spread good wishes for the coming year. But, do not cry or get angry on New Year’s Day; you will be setting a tone with the tendency for dispute in the coming year.
    When all your party guests arrive, persuade them to remove their shoes and walk gently into your home. This will invite a smooth transition into the New Year.

    Avoid white! White represents death and mourning. Don’t wear white; don’t serve White Russians; don’t use a white table cloth, etc. Try to wear bright colors because they will bring in happiness!

    2012 is the year of the Dragon. The dragon is considered to be the luckiest of Chinese lunar years! However, according to the zodiac calendar dogs and dragons are in direct conflict. Therefore, those born in the year of the dog may want to be extra careful this year. One way to protect yourself from bad luck is to wear red undergarments. It’s actually advisable for all signs to wear red (or bright colors) on the inside and out especially on New Year’s Day. So make sure you wear the Little Bra Company’s red Lucia small bra and thong or boy short set, and be sure to get lucky!

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