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  • How to Dress for Thanksgiving Dinner

    Thanksgiving is one of the more cozy holidays when all you have to think about is food, resting, and
    spending time with loved ones. No matter how hot you try to look, let’s face it; the main focus is going
    to be on the turkey and side dishes. Here are a few tips on how to dress for Thanksgiving dinner:

    Dark Colors
    Pick an outfit with dark colors or patterns. No matter how careful you may be, cranberry sauce and
    gravy are going to try to find their way onto your garment. The dark colors will help conceal any food
    you may accidentally spill onto your outfit.

    Expanding Waistband
    Thanksgiving dinner is the night when most people push their diet to the side and indulge. To keep your
    expanded stomach comfortable, pick an outfit with an expanding waistband, or a belt with a few extra

    Comfortable Shoes
    Some families like to go on an “after-dinner walk” to wake-up them from their food coma. Make sure
    you wear shoes you can walk in, even if you’re trip is just around the block.

    The Little Bra Company would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Tasteful Cleavage

    Many people were shocked when they saw 19 year old Disney darling, Demi Lovato, at the Latin Grammy Awards. She confidently rocked a cleavage-baring, magenta Roland Mouret gown. Even though the gown was extremely revealing, Demi still managed to stay classy and sexy.

    Demi’s outfit reminds us the importance of tasteful cleavage. Some women think “the more I expose, the better I’ll look”; however, this is not always the case. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to show off your breasts, it does not always look flattering. Just remember, a little peek goes a long way.

    For all you petite women trying to achieve the perfect amount of cleavage, The Little Bra Company recommends you try our Lucia, Bijou, Isis, and Mercedes bras. All of our small bras are specially engineered to give everyone a classy and sexy look. So next time you want to show off “the girls,” keep in mind; it’s not the amount you present, it’s how your presentation enhances your overall look.

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  • 11-11-11!

    Today is 11-11-11!
    Here’s a little trivia for today; what is the term used to describe a date that can be read the same way from the right or left direction?

  • Veterans Day

    On Thanksgiving Day, many people take time out to give thanks for what they have. Veterans Day is a day to give thanks for the people who have fought for what we have. The Little Bra Company would like to thank all the men and women of the military for keeping us safe and free.

    The Little Bra Company hopes everyone enjoys today with their friends, family, and loved ones.

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  • How to Stay Warm and Fashionable this Fall and Winter

    Hey Gals!

    It’s that time of year when staying warm is an essential part of your wardrobe. Even though the weather is cooling down, you can still look hot! The Little Bra Company would like to share a few winter fashion tips to help you petite ladies stay warm and sexy throughout the next few months.

    Invest in 1 or 2 sturdy, but fashionable, winter coats. Remember, mustard hues and color blocks are in this season.

    Wear gloves, ladies! Soft, smooth hands are always stylish, so protect your hands from the harsh winter winds.

    If you are indoors, layering your clothing is a fashionable way you can stay warm. Wear a tank top or camisole under your long-sleeve shirt. When rocking a t-shirt, The Little Bra Company recommends the Angela bra for a smooth silhouette.

    Buy a fashionable, but versatile hat. Neutral colors are always best because they will match most of your outfits.

    When wearing a skirt or dress, pair your outfit with some double-knit leggings. This will make you look more “climate appropriate” and protect your legs.

    Stock up on scarves! Since scarves are fairly in expensive, you can buy a few without bending your budget. Choose from a variety of materials, styles, and colors to show your personality.

    Save your flip-flops and strappy shoes for the summer. During the cold months, wear shoes that cover you more to stay warmer; such as boots. But be careful, some boots will shrink a petite woman’s frame, so try them on before purchasing.

    These looks are very easy to achieve, once you get the hang of it. So throw out those old winter sweaters and stay stylish throughout the coldest part of the year.

  • The Little Bra Company Saves Petite Women from the Booby Trap!

    Hey Fans!

    A few weeks ago The Little Bra Company shared a blog on the importance of wearing a proper fitting
    bra. Today we wanted to show you petite gals exactly how scary an ill-fitting bra looks and show you
    how The Little Bra Company can save your small breasts from these bra horror stories.

    Wearing a dire-fitting push-up bra can cause your breasts to be pushed too high, creating a flat top. If
    you need a flattering push-up bra to save you from “The Shelf,” Isis will save you! Isis has maximum
    push-up, demi-contoured cups to offer petite figures a boosted bustline.

    When a bra moves around freely “The Sagging” will come shortly after. If your bra does not support
    your small breasts throughout the sagging, Mercedes is here for you! Mercedes is a sophisticated petite
    demi push-up bra with contoured smooth-cups for added lift and support, and a bit of lace for a chic
    peek of pretty.

    If your bra is transforming your small breasts into a “Quadraboob,” this may be because the cups are
    too small. Have no fear, Angela, The Little Bra Company’s best-selling T-shirt bra, is here to rescue you!
    Angela may be a small bra, but it is especially designed to contour and help give shape to smaller breasts
    with minimal padding. Instead of lines and bulges in all the wrong places, Angela provides a smooth
    silhouette under all your favorite tops, including deep v-necks.

    These spooky photos are part of Canadian lingerie boutique, “The Booby Trap’s” latest ad campaign.
    Hurry! Run to your nearest bra retailer to find the right fit…. before the booby traps get you!

  • Inspiring Faces of Breast Cancer

    Even though breast cancer awareness month has come to an end, don’t forget to keep fighting for the cause. Last year over 200,000 cases of the disease had been diagnosed and statistics show that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. I’m sure all of us know women – friends or family members -who have had to endure the disease at some point in their life.
    The Little Bra Company would like to mention a few strong women in the public eye who have opened up about their personal experience with breast cancer.

    A few weeks ago E! News host Giuliana Rancic announced that she has breast cancer. During her third in vitro fertilization attempt, Giuliana was informed of the cancer via mammogram. She has undergone removal of several lymph nodes and a double lumpectomy. If the cancer spreads Giuliana will undergo radiation therapy. The Little Bra Company is rooting for you Giuliana!

    Sheryl Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Thanks to early detection, the singer underwent a minimally invasive surgery and several weeks of radiation therapy. Sheryl is now breast cancer free and focuses on spreading the message of early detection.

    Elizabeth Edwards had noticed a lump in her breast during her husband, John Edwards’, vice presidential campaign and was diagnosed with breast cancer just hours after the election had been conceded. Elizabeth battled the disease on and off until she passed away in December 2010. Women remember Elizabeth as a strong woman, fighter, and breast cancer awareness advocate.

    Giuliana Rancic, Sheryl Crow, and Elizabeth Edwards are just a few of the millions of women who have had to fight breast cancer. If you know anyone who’s life have been threatened by breast cancer feel free to mention their names in this post so we can all honor their strength and integrity.

  • 2011 Fall and Winter Fashion Trends!

    The leaves are falling, a chilly breeze is blowing, and the holidays are coming up; you know what that
    means? It’s time to sport your 2011 Fall and Winter Trends! The Little Bra Company wants to fill you
    petite fashionistas in on the most popular trends featured in designers’ latest collections.

    Women’s Tuxedo
    What is sexier than the androgynous ensemble that is the Women’s Tuxedo? This classic trend has
    been popping in and out of designers’ Fall and Winter collections for decades. For a dressed-down and
    comfortable tuxedo look, pair your jacket with a simple white t-shirt. Then, add the flatter factor by
    wearing a small t-shirt bra from The Little Bra Company underneath it all. The Angela bra and Yvonne
    bra are perfect options, because of their smooth and seamless look.

    Since summer has come to an end, the bright, vibrant colors aren’t very popular anymore. Designers
    are using burnt colors. Mustard seems to be a favorite because you see it everywhere; from the high-
    end boutiques to your local department stores.

    Plunging Necklines
    You would think that because the weather is cooling down your chest should be covered up, right? Well
    think again…designers like Gucci and J. Mendel are presenting deep plunging necklines in their newest
    collections. The Little Bra Company’s bestselling Lucia bra is perfect for all you petite women brave
    enough to rock this trend!

    Since color blocking is in right now, you may feel like your ensemble feels a little simple. Wear a scarf
    with unique patterns or designs to give your outfit that extra kick. If scarves aren’t really your thing, use
    jewelry--big cluncky necklaces or earrings will make a big statement.

    If you gals have any 2011 Fall and Winter fashion trends do not hesitate to share them!


  • The Little Bra Company Encourages You to Watch "Five"

    It’s 7:30PM. After a long hard day of work most women enjoy kicking their heels off, lying back, and relaxing. Tonight, at 9:00PM, The Little Bra Company would like to encourage all the fans to check out Lifetime’s newest movie, Five. Five is a blend of 5 stories, about 5 different women. These stories depict how breast cancer has affected these women and their families.
    Some of the famous faces you will see in Five are Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Goodwin, and Patricia Clarkson. Some of the directors include Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, and Alicia Keyes.

    Lifetime’s Five and Warriors in Pink have joined forces to aid in breast cancer research. If you want to help support the fight against breast cancer you can purchase a super cute t-shirt, designed by Jennifer Aniston! All of the proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
    You can buy the shirt at

    Hope you enjoy the movie! Let us know what you thought of it!

  • The Little Bra Company Breast Cancer Myth Busters

    How conscious are you of breast cancer? Are you aware of the causes of breast cancer?
    Do you know how to separate fact from fiction?
    As women, I’m sure we have all heard the numerous causes of breast cancer. Most women do not realize that many of the things they have been told have not been validated by science.
    The Little Bra Company wanted to shine the light on breast cancer awareness by busting the most popular myths.

    • Underwire bras cause cancer because the wire constricts the breasts and cause toxins to build up in breast tissue.
    -This is false. Studies show there is absolutely no link to the bra underwire causing breast cancer. Think about it; if it were true, there would be a lot more women with breast cancer years ago when tight corsets were in fashion.

    • Antiperspirants cause breast cancer because they prevent toxins from leaving your body. The toxins then travel down the breasts.
    -This is false. Antiperspirants do not prevent toxins from leaving the body; they eliminate the toxins all together.

    • Drinking bottled water can cause breast cancer because the dioxin used to make the bottle leaks into the water.
    -This is false. There is no dioxin in plastic water bottles.

    • Mammograms cause breast cancer because the test requires the use of radiation.
    -This is false. Yes, radiation is used when conducting a mammogram, but the amount is extremely small. The amount of radiation used in a mammogram is the same a woman receives by simply being exposed to the environment.

    • Family history is the only way a woman can get breast cancer.
    -This is false. Over 80% of breast cancer cases arise sporadically. That is why it is important for women to have regular check-ups.

    [Source: ]

    Now that we’ve busted some of the breast cancer causing myths, The Little Bra Company wants to give you some tips on how you can to prevent breast cancer.
    • Schedule regular mammograms and clinical exams.
    • Get to know your breasts and inform your doctor if you notice any questionable changes.
    • Adopt a healthy diet and physical activity.
    • Control your weight; try not to let it fluctuate.
    • Do not smoke and limit your alcohol intake.

    Share these prevention tips with family, friends, and loved ones.
    If you have any myths to bust do not hesitate to share them! :)

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