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  • 2012 Golden Globes Fashion Review!

    Hey Fans!

    If you tuned in to the 2012 Golden Globe awards last night you might have noticed that this season it’s not about bright colored garments. Almost all of the starlets rocked classy nude hued gowns. Some people see nude as a drab color, but we saw some very unique and beautiful styles last night! Jessica Biel donned a nude gown made entirely of lace! Mary J. Blige showed us that sequins and feathers can look good together! And Golden Globe winner, Julie Bowen, looked angelic with her flowy, empire waist.

    If you want to get with the nude-hued trend you must have a nude bra and panty set! Almost all of The Little Bra Company’s small bras have a nude color option. For strapless garments and evening wear, we recommend our Sascha bra! Sacsha comes in two nude hues: nude and dark nude, and will give you a natural-looking curve. Because of the additional straps, Sascha can be worn as a strapless push-up bra or an everyday bra. Her smooth microfiber appears seamless under clothes, and the removable push-up padding makes her a must-have small bra! Sascha is also the perfect little bra for any formal dress or bridalwear.

    A couple of stars, like Claire Danes and Kate Winslet, followed the black and white color block trend. Even though their color pallet was the same, both women rocked very different styles. Claire’s dress, by J.Mendel, had a more modern interpretation, while Kate’s had that “old Hollywood” appeal.

    Throughout the night, we also saw quite a bit of blue. Jane Lynch and Emily Deschanel chose to go with a darker blue. Others, like and Michelle Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, chose gowns with light and dark blue pigments.

    Now, we want to hear from the fans:
    What was your favorite red carpet trend?
    And, who do you think was the best dressed starlet?

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  • TLBC Valentine's Day Gentlemen's Guide

    One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can give your petite princess is beautiful lingerie from The Little Bra Company. All of our Little Bras are made just for smaller framed women. They are uniquely designed to give your lady a comfortably fitting bra, while enhancing her décolletage.
    Now, we all know buying lingerie can be difficult. The following tips are sure to help you make your small bra selection with confidence.

    The first thing you’ll need to know is your lady’s size. The best way to find out the size of her petite frame is to look through her lingerie drawer. If you find any undergarments from The Little Bra Company, that’s perfect! If she doesn’t own any of our small bras, check the sizes of her other bras and round up. TLBC bras are designed and cut on a petite scale. Therefore, when it comes to sizing, round up for a more perfect fit. For example, if she usually wears a 30 in a generic brand, you may want to try a 32 in a bra from The Little Bra Company.

    Second, know her style. What type of bras does she like to wear? Lace cup? Smooth cup? Does she prefer a mild push-up bra, or “ooh la la” push-up bra? What are her favorite lingerie colors? The Little Bra Company small bras come in a vast variety of styles, textures, and colors.
    If you are looking for some festive Valentine’s Day lingerie, try colors like red or blush. We recommend our best selling Lucia bra in red, and our sophisticated Mercedes bra in blush. All of our Little Bras can be matched perfectly with a panty, creating the perfect Valentine’s Day lingerie set!

    Now, if you are still not sure what size or style to get her, The Little Bra Company now offers GIFT VOUCHERS--the perfect present for that special day

    Drop a hint! Let your man know The Little Bra Company is on your wish list by telling him about our Valentine’s Day special! For 15% off your entire order, use coupon code VDAY2012 at the checkout. Our Valentine’s Day offer is only valid January 15, 2012 – February 20, 2012.

    To order our lace and smooth cup small bras and panties online, please visit .

    Remember, if you get the size wrong, IT’S OK! Returns are accepted within 30 days from the order date, in original condition with all tags intact, for a replacement, exchange or refund.

  • The Little Bra Company’s Small Bras are a Petite Woman’s Best Shape-wear Investment!

    Most people recognize shape-wear as something that will flatten or camouflage curves; but what they don’t realize is that The Little Bra Company’s small bras are considered to be shape-wear too! All of our little bras will give your petite frame a more voluptuous shape you’ve never had before!

    Unlike traditional shape-wear, whose goal is to compress and hide curves, all of The Little Bra Company’s small bras are specially engineered to lift and accentuate smaller busts, CREATING shape. When worn properly, meaning there are no gaps or bulges between your breast tissue and your small bra, the bra will lay flat against your breasts, giving the illusion of a larger silhouette.

    To purchase The Little Bra Company’s lace and smooth cup shape-wear, please visit

  • The Most Popular New Year's Resolutions

    Hey fans! Millions of people all over the world like to begin the New Year with some resolutions. The Little Bra Company comprised a list of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions.

    Give Up a Habit
    We all have those bad habits we need to give up and now is as good a time as any. Whether it’s smoking, drinking, or excessive shopping; resolve to beat your demons.

    Get Into Shape
    This is probably the most popular resolution amongst both men and women because everyone wants to be healthier and feel good about themselves. If your Little Bra Company small bra is a little too tight due to the holiday food and festivities, use the next couple of months to shed those few extra pounds.

    Pay Down Debt or Save Up
    If you overspent on Christmas or have been having trouble making ends meet for a while, this is the year to pay off those credit cards! If you do not have debt, but are still a little uncomfortable about the county’s economic situation, cutting down on your spending and saving up some emergency cash will make you feel a bit more secure.

    Buy a House or Move
    If plans of real estate are in your future, you're in luck! Forecasters predict that the prices of homes will drop even more in 2012.

    Find Your Soulmate
    Is love on your resolution list? Well you're never going to find that special someone sitting on a computer . . . or will you? You can browse through thousands of singles by signing up on an internet dating website. If you would prefer to meet someone face-to-face, grab some of your single girlfriends and hit up a speed dating event.

    Take a trip
    Do you want to see the world? Regardless of how big your plans are, taking a vacation to a dream destination is one of the most rewarding experiences.

    The most non-selfish New Year's resolution, volunteerism, can take many forms. Whether you choose to spend time helping out at your local library or animal shelter, mentoring a child, or cooking for the homeless, there are many nonprofit organizations that could really use your help. If your time is really in short supply, there are also many opportunities to donate furniture, food, clothing and household items that you no longer need.

    Pick Up a Hobby
    Are you bored and feel like you need to channel your creativity into something? There are plenty of classes and organizations that can teach and nurture. Whether it’s learning a new language, art, or music; who knows, perhaps your new hobby will lead to a career change.

    What’s your New Year’s resolution? Feel free to share! And happy 2012!

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  • The Lingerie Addict Loves our Small Bras!

    Hey Fans!
    We wanted to start the new year out with some positive news: The Little Bra Company received the “Best Small Bust Brand” award from The Lingerie Addict Awards. These awards were given to the top 10 Favorite Lingerie Brands of 2011. The Little Bra Company was recognized for catering to petite women, while making small bras that are pretty AND give unbelievable lift. Click the link to check out The Lingerie Addict Awards :

    The Little Bra Company hopes you all had a wonderful New Year’s, and an even better 2012!

  • Tips and Tricks Every Petite Women Needs to Hide Holiday Weight Gain

    After all the tamales, pumpkin pie, eggnog, and stuffing have left you stuffed, you may have noticed a few extra pounds have encompassed their way onto your small frame. And while your goal over the next couple of months may be to lose the extra holiday weight gain, there is just one problem: your clothes aren’t fitting properly right now! The Little Bra Company comprised a list of tips and tricks petite women can use to hide the muffin top all those muffins have contributed to.

    Choose the right fabric
    Silky or thin materials will cling to your body and show even the tiniest bulge. But on the other hand, thick, heavy materials and knits will add a few extra pounds to your mid-section. We recommend you stick to mid-weight fabrics with a soft drape.

    Wear the right bra
    A bra with a good lift will shave off a few pounds by creating the illusion of a longer torso. All of The Little Bra Company’s small bras are specially engineered to create the perfect amount of lift and support for your petite frame. For sky-high elevation, The Little Bra Company recommends our best-selling Lucia bra, and our 5-star “ooh la la” padded Isis bra.

    Move the waistline
    Highlight the slimmest part of your body: the area directly below your bust-line. An empire waist tunic or dress will drape over your mid-section and make those few extra pounds virtually disappear.

    Dark colors
    Dark colors make things look smaller, while light colors make things look bigger. Opt for dark colors as your wardrobe base for the next few weeks. If your outfit seems a little drab, use colorful accessories to bring it to life.

    A loose fitting cardigan or vest will hide the love handles sitting on your hips.

    Bra extenders
    If you have gained weight in your upper body, you know how annoying and unflattering an ill fitting, tight bra can look. Bra extenders are the perfect solution for someone whose little bra is temporarily too tight. All of The Little Bra Company’s small bras have built in convertible straps. And all of our petite bras, except Bijou, are bra extender- friendly.

    Flattering pants
    Straight leg pants are the most complimenting for someone who is trying to camouflage certain body parts.

    Use accessories like scarves, hats, earrings, necklaces, or bangles to detour attention away from your problem areas. Just make sure they are the appropriate size because large accessories can add a few pounds.

    If any of you petite gals have any more tips and tricks you would like to share, feel free to add them to our list. The Little Bra Company hopes all our fans enjoyed their holiday celebrations!

  • TLBC Holiday Gift Guide! "Gifts for Him"

    Hey fans!

    Sometimes picking out holiday gifts for your brother, father, or significant other can be a little overwhelming. The Little Bra Company comprised a list with some of our favorite gift ideas, under $100, men are sure to love!

    Coach iPhone case - $78.00 - $98.00
    These luxurious iPhone cases by Coach come in a variety of colors and styles.

    Sports Team ProToast Toaster - $39.00
    There is no better way for your man to start his day than breakfast with his favorite team!

    Crosley CR711 Autorama Turntable with AM/FM Radio – $94.95
    This radio will play music at 3 different speeds, while adding a cool, vintage touch to any home.

    The Little Bra Company’s Lucia Set
    The perfect gift is a gift that both of you can love. The Lucia small bra and panty set for her is also a gift for him.

    Gadget Charger for the car - $49.95
    This charger is discretely disguised as a coffee cup. You man will be able to charge just about anything while on the go.

    N.A.P. Massaging Bed Rest - $99.95
    This massager from Brookstone has so many built in goodies; such as a light, cup holder and pockets.|channeladvisor|gifts|datafeed

    A Personalized Pocket Watch - $75.00
    Say something from the heart with an engraved pocket watch from Things Remembered.

    The list can go on and on forever!
    Feel free to share any of your favorite gift ideas under $100!

  • Check out Emily in CURVE’s December 2011 Newsletter!

    Hey Fans!

    The Little Bra Company was featured in CURVE’s December 2011 newsletter! CURVExpo is a designer lingerie and swim show. This year, our small bra’s we’re shown in their New York and Las Vegas trade shows.
    Check out CURVE’s December 2011 newsletter to see Emily’s passion for The Little Bra Company, as well as her love and dedication for our pretty, petite fans!

  • TLBC Holiday Gift Guide!

    Hey fans!

    Sometimes picking out holiday gifts for your friends and family can be a little overwhelming. The Little Bra Company comprised a list with some of our favorite gift ideas under $100!

    Deux Lux iPad Sleeve - $62.00
    For the super chic geek: The sleeve comes with a cross-body strap and has a really fun "cosmic" sequin exterior!

    Custom Printed Canvas - starting price is $35.00 (price varies on size)
    You can upload your own photos!

    A matching petite bra and panty set from The Little Bra Company - $82.00
    The Lucia small bra and boyshort in red is a perfect, festive holiday color!

    Cashmere Cable Fliptop Gloves from Target - $19.99
    These luxurious (but inexpensive) gloves are perfect for keeping your digits warm. And, the convenient fliptop makes it easy to type on your touch-screen device even in cold weather.

    TOMs Shoes
    Give a little, get a little. For every pair bought, a pair will be given to a child in need of shoes.

    “Busted! The Foundations Guide to Bras that Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic!” By: Ali Cudby
    Tips that will get you petite women into a properly fitting petite bra, so you can look and feel fabulous. Shameless plug alert! The Little Bra Company gets a nod in this helpful guide.

    Jacquie Aiche Vintage Chain Finger Bracelet - $95.00
    This piece is a stylish bracelet and ring, all in one!

    Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candle - $25.00
    This candle is a favorite of Emily’s. The fragrance is sweet and the container is chic.

    The list can go on and on forever!
    Feel free to share any of your favorite gift ideas under $100!

  • Don’t Forget About The Little Bra Company’s Special Black Friday Redux!

    Due to the overwhelming success of our very first Black Friday Sale, we had some technical difficulties. Therefore, we are extending the sale for this weekend only to give those of you who had trouble with our site last weekend another try! And for the people who were snoozing after all that turkey, it’s your lucky day, because you get a second chance too! So, here’s how “We’ve Got Your Bottoms Covered”…

    Purchase 3 select panties for $30. Feel free to add any bra(s) to your shopping cart to make a matching set. And, if you want to buy more than 3 panties, you can buy multiples of 3 up to 12, and still receive the select panties at the sale price.

    Thank you for your patience, and for choosing The Little Bra Company for your intimate apparel wardrobe!”

    Sale started 12 AM EST, Friday, December 2, 2011 and will end 12 AM EST, Monday, December 5, 2011.

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