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Petite Fashion Focus | The Professional Petite

Whether you are a young woman just starting her career, a working woman making her way up the career ladder, or a powerful executive kicking butt and taking names you always need your go-to professional pieces that say i’m intelligent, i’m fearless, i’m passionate, and i’m all woman!

When shopping for the perfect professional look the petite woman must pay attention to length and proportions so as to keep her look elegant and flattering.

Under your perfect work attire you should have flattering and comfortable lingerie. For the petite woman we recommend trying -









These flattering and neutral options are sure to work under every work outfit and leave you feeling feminine and fearless! The "Jenny" (left) adds a little to flare to a neutral bra with light lace detailing. The "Julia" (right) is a versatile nude option, that includes nude straps as well as black.

Once you have your basics it's time to finish the look! Check out our 'TLBC Work Wear' recommendations below  -

Petite Work Wear

Top - A peplum top is a great way to accentuate your curves in a conservative and work appropriate way. (Similar here and here)

Skirt - A pencil skirt is a great way to give the illusion of height  (Similar here and here)

Shoes - A neutral pump or flat will help flatter and not distract (similar here and here)

Accessories - From your bag to your braclets, the accessories should tie the outfit together,

add a pop of color, and complete the look.

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