Motivational Monday | Get Bikini Ready!

Motivational Monday

Summer is here and your favorite bikini is beckoning from that box you stashed it in all winter –

It is time to soak up the rays and work on those tan lines we love to hate. The TLBC Team is excited for beach barbecues, pool parties, and quality fun in the sun. Only problem….we may not be feeling totally bikini ready.

If you are feeling a little apprehensive about taking it off this summer try a few of these Desk Workouts! These simple easy moves can be done at work and will help prepare you for thebathing suit filled season ahead!



1. When you dip, I dip, we do…The Chair Dip

  • Target – Arms, core
  •  In a seated position, place your hands in the center of the armrests. Lift your feet and engage your core.  Press your hands down on the armrests and raise your body off the chair until your arms are straight. Hold for 1 second. Do 30 reps.




Illustrated by Ben Wiseman




2. Lift it up, up, up, you’re on fire! -The Desk Pushup

  • Target – Arms, shoulders
  • Facing your desk, place your hands shoulder-width apart on the edge. Step back about 3 ft. Keeping your back and legs straight, do pushups against your desk. Make sure to lower down until your chest is almost touching the desk! Do 15 reps.






Courtesy of Prevention Magazine

3.Put your thing down, flip it, and Reverse Crunch it

  • Target – Core, inner thighs
  • Scoot forward on your chair with your hands on the armrests. With your knees together slowly raise your legs as close to your chest as you can get them. Hold for 1 sec then slowly lower to the ground. Remember to keep your back straight. Do 15 reps.





Courtesy of



4. Drop it like it's hot and try  The Chair Squat

  • Target – Legs, butt
  • Stand a few inches in front of your chair with your butt facing the chair. With your arms straight in front of you slowly bend your knees and lower your butt, as if you were sitting. As soon as you feel the chair graze you stand back up. Do 15 reps.







The Little Bra Company

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