What NOT To Wear Wednesday

What NOT To Wear Wednesday

For this edition of “What to Wear Wednesday” the TLBC team has put together a list of some of our “What NOT to Wear” picks for petites. There are certain looks, certain cuts, and certain styles that petite women should avoid and we are here to share a few of them with you and to give you some great alternatives!

1.The Overly Cropped Pant –



A cropped pant creates a stunted line on the petite frame and can make you look even smaller! If you aim to cover your heels, you will create a longer visual line and the illusion of height. Some standard-size pants that are “cropped” can also fit petite women just right! If you want to wear the cropped look aim to avoid the wide-leg style, as this will add weight to your look.

2.Too Much Draping –

While we all enjoy a good Grecian goddess moment, too much draping on a petite frame can lead to an unflattering look that ends up drowning you in fabric! If you want to embrace your inner petite goddess be sure you balance out any drapery with clean lines to help flatter your petite frame and elongate the visual lines.

3.The Dreaded Ruffle –



Feminine details can often make or break a look. Small details and little girly touches can help take a look from plain to glamorous or sophisticated to tacky. The key is to make sure the detail is flattering you and not overtaking the outfit. One such detail that petite women need to be careful with is the ruffle. A ruffle is hard for any women to pull off especially those of petite stature. A bold ruffle can often overtake and outfit, and it can be too heavy of a look for petite women. To add a feminine touch try a lace appliqué or beading instead of ruffles.






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