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  • Check out Isis in "People Style Watch", December 2011!

    Hey Fans!

    The Little Bra Company's small bra, Isis, was featured in the December 2011 issue of People Style Watch! The magazine recommended our Isis for petite women looking for a convertible and comfortable bra. Check out page 148 to see Isis in her first magazine debut!

  • Happy Thanksgiving!


    The Little Bra Company wanted to remind all you gals on our Black Friday sale, starting tomorrow! This special promotion is called “We’ve got your bottoms covered!”
    Select panties will be on sale at 3 for $30.00. Our special event will be available Friday, November 25 – Monday, November 28.

    Have a great day with family, friends, and loved-ones!

  • Some of the "A-Team" at The Little Bra Company's Thanksgiving Lunch

    What are your plans for the holiday tomorrow?

  • How to Dress for Thanksgiving Dinner

    Thanksgiving is one of the more cozy holidays when all you have to think about is food, resting, and
    spending time with loved ones. No matter how hot you try to look, let’s face it; the main focus is going
    to be on the turkey and side dishes. Here are a few tips on how to dress for Thanksgiving dinner:

    Dark Colors
    Pick an outfit with dark colors or patterns. No matter how careful you may be, cranberry sauce and
    gravy are going to try to find their way onto your garment. The dark colors will help conceal any food
    you may accidentally spill onto your outfit.

    Expanding Waistband
    Thanksgiving dinner is the night when most people push their diet to the side and indulge. To keep your
    expanded stomach comfortable, pick an outfit with an expanding waistband, or a belt with a few extra

    Comfortable Shoes
    Some families like to go on an “after-dinner walk” to wake-up them from their food coma. Make sure
    you wear shoes you can walk in, even if you’re trip is just around the block.

    The Little Bra Company would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  • We've Got Your Bottoms Covered!

    Hey fans!
    The Little Bra Company wanted to inform all you gals on our Black Friday sale! This special promotion is called “We’ve got your bottoms covered!”
    Select panties will be on sale at 3 for $30.00. Our special event will be available Friday, November 25 – Monday, November 28.

    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! And happy Black Friday shopping!

  • "Some TLC for Jeweliette23's ABCs"

    The Little Bra Company would like to say thank you to Jeweliette23 for featuring our small bras on her blog. We are brand specialize in attractive intimate apparel in hard-to-find smaller sizes.
    To view Jeweliette23's post, please visit:

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  • Ingrid Loves her new Lucia bra!

    After nursing 3 kids, Ingrid found it nearly impossible to find a bra that fit her petite frame; living in Japan did not make the search any easier. After discovering Linda’s Online, she placed an order for The Little Bra Company’s best-selling small bra, Lucia. Ingrid is so pleased with her purchase she wrote an awesome review about her experience, and Lucia.

    Check out Ingrid’s testimonial at .

    The Little Bra Company loves hearing from you gals, so keep sending us your inspiring stories!

  • Tasteful Cleavage

    Many people were shocked when they saw 19 year old Disney darling, Demi Lovato, at the Latin Grammy Awards. She confidently rocked a cleavage-baring, magenta Roland Mouret gown. Even though the gown was extremely revealing, Demi still managed to stay classy and sexy.

    Demi’s outfit reminds us the importance of tasteful cleavage. Some women think “the more I expose, the better I’ll look”; however, this is not always the case. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to show off your breasts, it does not always look flattering. Just remember, a little peek goes a long way.

    For all you petite women trying to achieve the perfect amount of cleavage, The Little Bra Company recommends you try our Lucia, Bijou, Isis, and Mercedes bras. All of our small bras are specially engineered to give everyone a classy and sexy look. So next time you want to show off “the girls,” keep in mind; it’s not the amount you present, it’s how your presentation enhances your overall look.

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  • 11-11-11!

    Today is 11-11-11!
    Here’s a little trivia for today; what is the term used to describe a date that can be read the same way from the right or left direction?

  • Veterans Day

    On Thanksgiving Day, many people take time out to give thanks for what they have. Veterans Day is a day to give thanks for the people who have fought for what we have. The Little Bra Company would like to thank all the men and women of the military for keeping us safe and free.

    The Little Bra Company hopes everyone enjoys today with their friends, family, and loved ones.

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