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  • Fabulous Friday | Charity Spotlight

    #BreastCancerAwareness | Charity Spotlight

    The Foundation For Living Beauty

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, The Little Bra Company has teamed up with an amazing Southern California based non-profit organization, The Foundation for Living Beauty” who is truly dedicated in enriching, empowering and educating women and their fight against cancer.  Their mission is to empower women to increase their physical and emotional stability, while coping with the challenging effects of cancer.

    The Foundation for Living Beauty sets themselves apart from other cancer- support organizations by the use of their social and physical elements that they incorporate into their program. The foundations “Living Beauties” have the opportunity to participate in Wellness Retreats that are intended to transport the participants out of their everyday habits of coping into a relaxing, and peaceful environment where they are shown how to fully immerse themselves into a holistic lifestyle that they can incorporate into their everyday lives.  From special healthy menu’s, co-education workshops and classes, every aspect of their stay is intended to envelop Living Beauties with healthy and compassionate care. Wellness retreats offer “treatments of a different kind.” Including relaxing meditation, y4c (yoga for cancer) art therapy cancer prevention alternative medicine, lifestyle consultations to help love, support, and heal these beautiful and courageous women.

    Not only are these Living Beauties treated to an internal uplift, Living Beauties are treated to lots of beauty! Each and every individual Living Beauty is gifted a hairstyle of their choice from Dena Cali’s collection of beautiful wigs, a head to toe makeover, and the chance to participate in The Foundation for Living Beauties “Day of Living Beauty” professional photo shoot!

    Do you know a fearless cancer survivor that could benefit from these encouraging programs? The Foundation for Living Beauty has two upcoming events.

    1. Fall Sip-N-Talk Series.

    Join the Foundation For Living Beauties Wednesday, October 29th and every following Wednesday for the next 6 weeks at the Sidewalk Café in Los Robles, Pasadena, CA from 10 am to 11:30 am. The Sip-N-Talk Series will focus on discussions of Brene Brown’s ‘The Gifts of Imperfections.’ The book is centered on the idea of living your life from a place of worthiness and belonging and how vulnerability allows you to embrace the real you.  RSVP by email to!

    2. The Goddess Wellness Retreat 2014

    November 9th- 12th at La Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara, California.  Living Beauties will spend four days expanding their definition and lens’ on wellness. From chakras to sacred dancing, The Foundation for Living Beauties will spend their time “unplugging” from mental-knowing and tapping into the knowing within their bodies.  Click here to join the waitlist!


    This month TLBC is featuring a 15% discount when you use code THINKPINK! 15% of the sale proceeds will be donated to The Foundation For Living Beauty.


    So, what are you waiting for? Shop and get involved now!

    Donate Here to help these beautiful women in need!



    The Little Bra Company

  • AW14 Collection | Available Now!

    AW14 Collection Debut

    It is here!!!

    Ready to pick up all your Fall lingerie essentials? With lush berry, earthy spice, and subtle almond the AW14 collection has a color for your every mood! Featuring a modern aesthetic perfectly balanced with the vintage flare TLBC is known to use, the Autumn/Winter Collection is the answer to your lingerie prayers this season!

    So lets get to shopping ladies!


    AW14 Style List -


    *Love every delicate and feminine moment, where sweet and subtle trumps bold and sexy with...*


    *Channeling the pinup girls of ages past, feel luscious, vibrant, and utterly feminine with...*


    *Simple sophistication - for those moments wear comfort and ease take priority wear...*



    *Classic and feminine, get the TLBC fit at its finest with...*


    *The place wear comfort meets style and fit meets fashion, make everyday a TLBC day with...*


    Shop now!


    The Little Bra Company

  • Tuesday Tip Day | Reduce Your Risk

    Tuesday Tip Day |  Reduce Your Risk 

    Ways To Help Reduce Your Risk For Breast Cancer


     It is never too late to learn the many different ways to help reduce your risk for Breast Cancer. Even if no one in your family has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, statistic still applies.

    Here is a list of helpful ideas to consider that will help lower your risk for Breast Cancer:

    * Make a mammogram appointment if you haven’t had one in a while.

    * Every month you should do a breast self-exam. There are two parts to this exam. The first part is looking and the second part is touching. Websites like Bright Pink,  offer step-by-step instructions on how to do an accurate self-exam. The organization also offers monthly breast self-exam reminders that can be sent directly to your phone.


     * Maintain a healthy weight.

    * Stay physically active—the American Cancer Society recommends a daily workout of 30 minutes, which also includes walking.

    * Avoid consuming too much alcohol.

    * If you are a new mother, breastfeeding 1+ years has several benefits for you and your child.

    * Consume more fruits and vegetables each day. The top fruits and vegetables for great health include citrus, berries, cherries, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, spinach and tomatoes.

    * Maintaining a positive outlook helps your body maintain a healthy balance and will help you make healthy decisions.

    Even though the statistics sound scary, if you take the time to maintain a healthy lifestyle while taking the time to stay informed and conduct your self-exams each month—the survival rate for those who discover they have breast cancer at an early stage is 98%.

    It is important to note that for younger women, it is common to feel lumps each month around your menstruation cycle. Lumps that you have not felt before and that feel harder that the breast tissue, like a frozen pea, are a concern. Other symptoms may include persistent itching, nipple discharge or any other major changes in your breasts like change in size or shape. If you experience any of these or are not sure, always make an appointment with your doctor.


    It is important to know your breasts so you can recognize any changes…so ladies start feeling your boobs.


    Support the cause and shop for bras! - Use code THINKPINK for 15% off storewide! 15% of sale proceeds will be given to The Foundation for Living Beauty!



    The Little Bra Company

  • Motivational Monday | #ThinkPink and Get Involved

    Motivational Monday| #ThinkPink


    How Are You Celebrating Pink October?


    All month long we will be celebrating and supporting National Breast Cancer Awareness. There are many ways to get involved this month, even simple ways like wearing a pink ribbon or pink items. While October may also mean Halloween festivities, it is still important to spread information about the first leading cancer found amongst women.


    Become More Active: You don’t have to wait until the New Year to change up your workout plan. This month you can celebrate Pink October by becoming a healthier you. Sign up for a local race that raises money towards Breast Cancer Awareness, even if you are not a great runner like many of us, walking is always an option.


    Join An Organization: This is a great way to make new friends and support your fellow ladies, while learning about Breast Cancer. Websites like the American Cancer Society offer tips on where to look to volunteer or how to start a wellness program at work.


    Spread The Word: Social media has made this part very easy. Every great article that you come across, even workout or eating ideas, are great to share to your circle of friends. Encourage those around you to get involved. Make sure to research the latest hashtag trends; so then your posts will reach more people outside of your close circle of friends.


    Think Pink: Another way that is a fun one is trying a new recipe that is pink, wearing pink or painting your nails pink. Want to start with your basics? Shop TLBC with code ‘ThinkPink’ and get 15% off this month! Go crazy with the color, pink is the new black this month and will remind you the importance of this month each day you wear it.


    Help TLBC support the cause and get involved!



    The Little Bra Company

  • Sneak Peek | AW14 Collection | Meet "Francesca"

    What to Wear Wednesday

    Sneak Peek | AW14 Collection

    Meet "Francesca"

    We all want the perfect silhouette. You know, that freshly photoshopped glow… No bumps or lumps, no cellulite when the dress is too tight! We love our Spanx (so, so much), but lets be honest, it’s hot, it’s tight, and it is not the sexiest thing we’ve ever worn...

    Well ladies TLBC has a little something that may help! Our new AW14 “Francesca” style is modeled after our mini corset style “Celeste” and features a wider band and extra coverage under the arm for the ultimate smooth silhouette. With a feminine lace overlay and adorable panties to match, this style will smooth it all out and still make you feel confident and feminine!

    Available Colors:



    28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 A

    28, 30, 32, 34, 36 B

    28, 30, 32, 34 C

    Francesca Style Tips!

    This full coverage and smoothing style is perfect under tighter dresses and shirts. It will give you smooth lines and a perfectly feminine silhouette. As the cold weather starts to spread the Francesca will be perfect under your favorite sweaters and wrap dresses this winter. It features convertible straps and removable pads for ultimate versatility and wearability! This style will work well on both close and wide set breasts, but remember our TLBC styles do tend to run small, so if you are between sizes try going up for the perfect fit!

  • Sneak Peek | AW14 Collection | Meet "Ellie"

     What To Wear Wednesday

    Sneak Peek | AW14 Collection

    Meet "Ellie"

    Variety is the spice of life, right? To insure your lingerie wardrobe has a little variety this season, meet "Ellie"!  A little sweet, a little sexy, and whole lot of comfy, "Ellie" is our new must have soft demi-cup style! Featuring a lace overlay, removal padding, and a higher rise under the arms the "Ellie" gives the ultimate in shape and support. With an extra interior mesh panel for enhanced cleavage the “Ellie” is sure to complete your favorite Fall looks!

    Available Colors:

    Almond                                                  Berry                                                    Spice



     28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 A

    28, 30, 32, 34, 36 B

    28, 30, 32, 34 C

    Ellie Style Tips!

    Love "Ethel"? Love "Courtney"? Than you will adore the "Ellie"! With the same higher rise under the arms and on the straps. Our soft demi-cup styles work to push your breasts forward for a natural lift and shape. Removable pads make this bra perfect for women who may have one breast slightly larger than the other.  “Ellie” works well under scoop neck tops and dresses as well as button downs and shirt dresses! When fitting your “Ellie” be sure to adjust the straps and do the scoop to achieve the ideal shape!

  • Sneak Peek | AW14 Collection | Meet "Lisa"!

    What to Wear Wednesday


    Sneak Peek | AW14 Collection

    Meet "Lisa'!

    Do you ever have those rushed mornings where lingerie selection doesn’t really fit in your schedule and you pull on the simplest bra you can find? We have the answer to your prayers! The “Lisa” is the perfect mix of style and sophistication. It’s clean lines and flattering fit offer long-term comfort for those long fall days! With light padding and mesh band detailing this new TLBC t-shirt styles will give you a feminine silhouette with a modern twist. Get the “Lisa” now and have your new go-to bra for those busy mornings!

    This simple yet stylish bra is the perfect t-shirt bra but with a twist. The “Lisa” has the right amount of push-up and elegant mesh detail creating a simple and sexy look. Between the smooth cup and lower neckline, this bra is really perfect under any outfit, making it a must-have!


    Available Colors:

    Almond                                                          Berry                                                                Spice



    28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 A

    28, 30, 32, 34, 36 B

    28, 30, 32, 34 C


    Lisa Style Tips:

    This style fits similar to our “Mercedes” bra and feature a one hook closure and demi cut cups. It works miracles with a t-shirt but also goes well with pretty much anything in your closet. The contoured padding gives the bra just the right amount of push-up and support. The transparent mesh straps, band, and mesh detail in the panty and thong makes this a playful set that is sure to become a new favorite. Be sure to do the scoop when fitting your “Lisa” for the ultimate shape!


    "Lisa" will be available in October!

  • Sneak Peek | Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

    What To Wear Wednesday | Sneak Peek

    Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection coming soon!

    It is What To Wear Wednesday ladies and this edition is all about new styles coming soon!

    Inspired by the subtle tones and textures of Fall, this collection brings to mind days with a slight chill in the air and a bouquet of leaves falling at your feet or the cozy winter nights spent relaxing in front of the fire with hot coco in hand! With our new neutral shade almond and our new vibrant tones berry and spice, you are sure to find the perfect addition for your wardrobe this season!

    Over the next few weeks we will be introducing all of our new perfectly petite styles. With sneak peek images, fit tips from TLBC experts, and style tips for the perfect look, there is no doubt you will be ready for your new AW14 style the moment they're released!

    Our signature "Lucia" is coming in three new stunning tones perfect for the season ahead and our popular "Yvonne" t-shirt style is coming in black!

    Now prepare yourself ladies, we are releasing 3 all new stylesget ready to meet Ellie", "Lisa", and "Francesca"!




    The Little Bra Company



  • End of Summer SALE



    CODE - B2SBASIC                               CODE - B2SFASHION

    *Discount codes cannot be used together. Must place fashion and basics orders separately.*


    *Valid through 9/2/14 .*



    The Little Bra Company

  • TLBC CONTEST | Summer Style Staple Challenge

    TLBC Summer Style Staple Challenge


    Enter to win a FREE SET and be featured on the TLBC blog!

    The Summer Style Staple Challenge is all about how you dress your favorite TLBC styles! This is #selfie central people!

    We want to see your favorite TLBC styles in action. Show us your summer outfit of choice featuring TLBC signature styles. Have a favorite summer dress that works perfect with Sascha? Show us! Is Lucia your must have under that sheer tank? Style to perfection and share!

    Over the next 10 days TLBC will be running the Summer Style Staple Challenge. Two styles will be featured every 2 days. A winner will be chosen for every style set and will featured on the TLBC blog and receive an exclusive TLBC discount! At the end of the challenge a Grand Prize winner will be chosen from the style set winners and this lucky person will win a FREE SET!

    No one goes home empty handed here! Every contest participant will receive a 15% discount code just for taking part!

    Contest rules and regulations below:

    Entry Method

    There are three methods of entry – make sure to tag and hashtag to insure we receive your entry!

    • Facebook – Post your Summer Style Staple Challenge picture and tag The Little Bra Company
    • Instagram – Post and tag The Little Bra Company with #thelittlebracompany #tlbcsummerstaple
    • Twitter – Tweet your photo to @thelittlebracom and # the TLBC style featured!



    Contest Rules

    1. Two styles will be featured every 2 days. You will have those 2 days to share your favorite ways to wear either of the featured styles using one of the specified entry methods.
    2. All participants must be fully clothed in every image. Bra straps, bands, and details can be shown.
    3. Up to three entries per person.
    4. Instagram profiles must be “Public” to insure entry is received.
    5. Winners will be notified via direct message.
    6. Style Set winners will receive exclusive discount on their favorite TLBC styles
    7. Grand Prize winner will win free set of their choice.
    8. All winners will be featured on TLBC social media as A Team Style Icons.
    9. All participants will receive a 15% promo code.

    Good Luck all!



    Day 1 & 2 - Style Set


    Day 3 & 4 - Style Set

    Day 5 & 6 - Style Set

    Day 7 & 8 - Style Set


    The Little Bra Company

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